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Chicken Frankie

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Published December 05, 2007 Cooking Time (mins) 15
Main Ingredient 0 Preparation Time 15 mins

This recipe is simple to make and at the same time very tasty. Chicken Frankie is popular in Bombay. Basically you make dosa out of regular atta batter and fill it with chicken filling.

Ingredients of Chicken Frankie

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
ground chicken  1 Lbs
chopped onions  2 Cup
chopped tomatoes  1 Cup
salt to taste  1 Teaspoons
jeera   0
any chicken masala powder  1 Teaspoons
red chillie - to taste  1 Teaspoons
finely chopped garlic  4 Clove
finely chopped ginger  2 Teaspoons
Regular atta/ wheat flour  2 Cup
egg  1 Numbers
oil  4 Teaspoons
turmeric  half Teaspoons
coriander powder  1 Teaspoons

1: Heat oil in non-stick pan and add jeera and let it splutter. 2: Add chopped onions to the pan and salt for onions so they cook fast. Let the onions cook for 4-5 minutes till they become translucent. 3: Add finely chopped garlic and ginger, coriander powder 4: Add tomatoes, red chillie powder and cook the mixture till oil separates. 5: Add ground chicken, salt to taste, chicken masala powder. Mix the chicken mixture well and cook about 10 min on meduim-low flame or till the chicken is well cooked. The mixture should not have huge lumps. 6: In a container take atta or wheat flour and add salt, raw egg and water. Mix thorougly. The consistency of the mixture should be little thin than dosa mixture. 7: Take a flat griddle, grease it it with little oil and spread the atta mixture in round shape to whatever size you like to make frankie. The frankie need not be crispy after cooked. 8:After the frankie is cooked well on both sides, sprinkle little chopped onion in the center of the frankie lengthwise , add the chicken mixture and roll it out like a tube. So the chicken mixture should look like filling in a tube. Enjoy!
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