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Author barumohan3 Servings 0 persons
Published February 10, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 20
Main Ingredient Brinjals Preparation Time 5 mins

This is one of the traditional dish of is a combo of spices and brinjal.

Recipe of guthi vankaya

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
red chillies  4 Numbers
turmeric powder  1/2 Teaspoons
curryleaves   To Taste
corriander leaves  2 Tablespoons
garlic  3 Piece
onion  1 Small
cumin seeds  1 Teaspoons
ground nuts/peanuts  3 Tablespoons
brinjal  4 Numbers
tomato  1 Small
ginger   To Taste
tamarind  20 Grams
salt   To Taste
oil   To Fry

for stuff: add little bit oil to thepan.add ground nuts.fry it little bit and add red chillies.fry till gound nuts get roasted.take a mixer and add tomato,tamarind,cumin seeds,curry leaves,corriander leaves,turmeric,onion,ginger,garlic,fried ground nuts and red chillies,and make a paste. for curry: before placing the pan cut the brinjal into four pieces. place the pan on the stove.add oil.after oil gets heated.add some cumin seeds and the cutted brinjal.stir until brinjal gets light goldish color and soft.add the paste which we have grinded to the brinjal.add salt to it.and cook for 20 minutes.atlast for garnishing add some corriander leaves.for taste add some more oil for it the curry smells with nice flavours.
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