Haldi Chicken Lamb
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Author nikhil.kn Yield No Value
Published Apr 22, 2008 Cooking Time 10 Minutes
Recipe Type Non Veg-Main Preparation Time 5 Minutes
Ingredient Chicken Standing Time 10 Minutes
Description: The most Simplest way of Cooking chicken/Lamb .. when you don't have much ingredients in the house!! Especially for Bachelors....You will be amazed what turmeric can do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recipe of Haldi Chicken Lamb

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Green Chillies 3
Onion 1
Lamb/Chicken Pieces Bone /Boneless 250 Grams
Turmeric Powder 1/4 Tablespoons
Salt 1/2 Tablespoons


1. Clean the Chicken/Lamb 2. Finely cut onion, green Chillies 3. Take a Pan, Add 4-5 Tbsp oil, Add onion and green chillies to it. 4. Wait for just 1-2 mins ... Then add Chicken/Lamb 5. Add 1/4 Tbsp Turmeric and 1/2 Tbsp Salt (As required). 6. Add 1/2 cup water !!Place lid over it ... Leave on low flame for 35 mins(if chicken) and 45 mins(if Lamb) .. Stir in between. 7. Now Get Amazed at what Turmeric has done to your chicken/lamb. you can add chopped coriander if you wish to garnish!!
Posted Apr 22, 2008

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Deepthi Apr 30, 2008
It is simple and good...

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