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Published September 20, 2009 Cooking Time (mins) 2
Main Ingredient Flour Preparation Time 5 mins

A healthier way of eating raw herbs

Recipe of Mixed Herbs Chapati

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Salt (as per tatse)  
Curry Leaves  1/2 Bunch
Methi Leaves  1/4 Bunch
Dill leaves  1/4 Bunch
Coriander Leaves  1/2 Bunch
Whole Wheat Atta  3 Cup
Water (to need the dough)  
oil (to fry)  

Chop all the Greens into small bits and add this to the Wheat Flour and nead to a Chapati Dough by adding 2 tblsps of Oil, Water and Salt . Make even sized balls and rool into chapatis and fry on the tava.
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