Spinach Chicken Curry
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Author ipadmaja Yield No Value
Published May 24, 2009 Cooking Time 30 Minutes
Recipe Type Non Veg-Main Preparation Time 40 Minutes
Ingredient Spinach Standing Time 30 Minutes
Description: Spicy Chicken curry cooked with Spinach in just 30 minutes.

Recipe of Spinach Chicken Curry

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Chilli Powder 2 Teaspoons
Turmeric 1 Pinch
Salt 2 Teaspoons
Tomato 1 Large
Onion 1 Large
Spinach 1 Bunch
Chicken 2 Pound
Masala Powder 3 Teaspoons
Garlic Ginger Paste 2 Teaspoons
Oil 4 Tablespoons


1) Cut chicken into pieces and put it aside (takes 3 or 4 miutes) 2) Peel onion and cut it into big cubes and grind it into paste. (1 minute) 3) Put a pressure cooker pan or a non stick deep and wide pan on the stove and let it heat. (2 minutes) 4) Put onion paste into oil after seasoning, and add salt, turmeric, chilly powder, masala, garlic ginger paste and let fry till it is dark brown and till the oil is setteled separately (5 minutes) 5) In the mean time steam the spinach in the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes and grind it into fine paste with cut tomato(take out the seeds to prevent kidney stones) with a little bit water in the same grinder (takes a total of 5 minutes) 6) Add the chicken pieces to dark brown onion paste and mix it well let it process (3 minutes) 7) Add Spinach paste, and mix it well and let it cook for 10 - 15 minutes, if you want it tender but juicy, and thick gravy. If you want loose gravy, then use the rinsed water from the same grinder and add it into the curry and let it cook for 3 or 5 more minutes to make loose gravy. This goes well with any type of rice, Naan, Rotis, or even Tortillas for burritos. Preparation for Masala Powder: Make masala powder with all 12 spices, which goes with any non-veg curry, or Biryani or Pulao and even with some vegetarian dishes. 12 Ingredients for Masala: 2 spoons of Cloves with 1 spoon each of Cardamom, Mace, Cinnamon, Anise seeds, Poppy seeds, Cumin, Coriander, Vamu, Marata Moggalu, Somph, and 2 bay leaves. Put all of them together and grind in a coffee grinder, and use for all the non-veg dishes. Use anywhere from 3 to 4 spoons to make a dish for 8-10 people. 2 spoons is enough to serve only for 4-6 people dish.

Recipe Tips

Use Roma tomato or remove tomato seeds from inside before grinding it, so it will prevent kidney stones. Needs neither seasoning nor Cilantra.
Posted May 24, 2009

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Hema Oct 7, 2011
i dont know where i went wrong. it didnt come out great. i was very disappointed. poor husband.

Sunita Jul 16, 2009
Hi Padma
I made your Spinach Chicken yesterday turned out great, thanks a lot.Its tasty and healthy too.
Thank again,

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