bottle gourd kofta curry
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Author nilanthi1981 Yield No Value
Published Dec 7, 2010 Cooking Time 45 Minutes
Recipe Type Veg-Main Preparation Time 15 Minutes
Ingredient Standing Time 45 Minutes

Recipe of bottle gourd kofta curry

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Methi Powder half teaspoon
Coriander Leaves Springs
Whole Garam 5 Numbers
Tomatoes 1 Large
Ginger Garlic Paste oteaspoon Grams
Curry Leaves
Chillies 3
Besan Flour half Cup
Onions three
Bottle Gourd one Large
Coriander Powder one tablespoon
Tumeric half teaspoon
Cumin half teaspoo
Red Chillli Powder one teaspoon
Coconut Milk half Cup


grate the bottle gourd add salt a lil salt n keep aside for ten min i mean while onion tomatoes coriander leaves keep aside squeeze the xcess water from the grated gourd to that add besan flour lil ginger paste chopped chillies coriander leaves salt n mix well and make balls out of it- deep fry for three min or so for the curry add ghee add wholesome spices t fry onion till pink add tomatoes later add ginger garlic paste add the powedered masalas add a cup of water and let it cook till gravy is formed put in the methi powder and coconut milk let the curry simmer add in the fried koftas of bottle gourd finally addd cream optional and garnish with coriander leaves

Posted Dec 7, 2010

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Chinmoy Mitra Sep 28, 2012
A very badly written recipe.....the language is very difficult to understand, haphazard and incomplete. Before posting any recipe, please take the help of someone who understands English language and get the article edited by him.

Sheikh Zahid Ali Jun 19, 2012
the ingredients are nice.
Preparation method is completely mislinked to each action to be done. Many steps are missing. I could not understand at all .Please "Re-write the method" - thanks

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