Curry leaf powder
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Author tamrapalli Yield No Value
Published Mar 31, 2008 Cooking Time 10 Minutes
Recipe Type Others Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Dall Standing Time 10 Minutes
Description: Spicy curry leaf powder Recipe by Tamrapali

Curry leaves powder is a spice powder also known as Karivepaaku Podi or Karepaaku Podi, made from curry leaves, lentils and spices 

Recipe of Curry leaf powder

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Curry Leaves 1 Bag
Garlic(optional) few
Tamarind few Piece
Green Chilies (chopped) 4-5 Numbers
Pepper Corns 1 Tablespoons
Methi Seeds & Cumin Seeds 1/2 + 1/2 Teaspoons
Mustard Seeds 1 Teaspoons
Chana Dal 1/2 Cup
Oil 1 Tablespoons
Salt To Taste


1. In a pan heat oil.Add mustard seeds,methi & cumin seeds & mix them. 2. Add chana dal,peppercorns,tamarind & cook all of them on low heat. 3. As chana dal gets the color, add green chillies & garlic.Cook till chillies become dry. 4.Once green chillies starts drying, add curry leaves & hing powder.Cook on a low heat till curry leaves dry out. 5.Add a pinch of salt & allow the mixture to cool down. 6. Blend the mixture & add salt to the powder if required.

Recipe Tips

Cook all the indgrediants on a low flame. The shelf life for the gunpowder mixture is 2-3 weeks.
Posted Mar 31, 2008

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monicka suresh Jul 3, 2010
i just got lot of curry leaves not knowing what to do and this video was in great help and it was a wonderful recipe so thanks a lot to

Suma Mar 12, 2009
Tried this. It came out very well. I simply liked this with hot rice and hot ghee. This has become one of my husband's favorite gun powder. Thanks a lot.

Suma Sep 14, 2008
I had tasted this awesome chutney powder with rice some years ego during my hostel days. I was searching for this recipe and got it today, also, tried it today. It came out very good in my first attempt itself. Thank you Vah chef. Keep entertaining us by your recipies.

Saroj Jul 20, 2008
I was looking for this recipe for a long time and when I found in your site, immediately i went and got the curry leaves from my garden and prepared the curry leaf powder. It came out very good. Excellent recipe. Thanks, God Bless

Pavithra Jul 12, 2008
This is an awesome recipe. I tried it and came out very well. Thanks a lot for this recipe;

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