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Author dhivyaganesh_20 Yield No Value
Published Mar 30, 2009 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Rices Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Rice Standing Time 1 hour
Description: easy to make this rice but delicious in festivals and party...

Recipe of GHEE Rice

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Rasins(i Prefer More Rasins) 25 more Numbers
Cashew Nut 10 Numbers
Whole Garam Masala(bay Leaves,cloves,star ,jeera,cardamom Etc) few Numbers
Coconut Milk (optional) 1/2 Cup
Ghee/butter 3 to 4 Tablespoons
Basmathi Rice 1 Cup
Water 1.5 to 2 Cup
Salt to taste To Taste


1) Fry the rice in the pan with low heat 2 mins. 2) After that cool the rice till room temperature. 3) clean the rice without break and soak the rice in water for 30 mins. 4) After soaking remove the water. 5) Other pan put 2 tbsp ghee or butter ,heat, put the whole garam masala one by one.. 6)after sputter pour them in the rice. 7) if u pour half cuf coconut milk in the rice means add 1.5 cup water else add water 2 cup. 8) add salt to taste . 9)mix all and cook. 10)take the same pan we fry the garam masala, put 2 tbsp of ghee and fry cashew nuts till brown and rasins till it comes like ball... 11) after cooked the rice garnish with fried cashew and rasins This rice goes with hot spicy chicken or mutton curry and fry for non veg people and for veg with hot spicy panner curry and channa dal curry.
Posted Mar 30, 2009

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