Gongura pachi royalu
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Author udayabhanu23 Yield No Value
Published Feb 20, 2012 Cooking Time 12 Minutes
Recipe Type Non Veg-Main Preparation Time 2 Minutes
Ingredient Shrimp Standing Time 5 Minutes

Recipe of Gongura pachi royalu

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Chillies 2 to 4
Shrimps Cooked Or Not Cooked 400 Grams
Gongoora 1 Bunch
Salt To Taste
Onions 1 Numbers
Garlic 6 Piece


Clean gongura, In a bowl cook gongura, chillies, onion 1/4(slices) Note you need to cook it not fry, anyway gongura looses water,boil it untill it looses the water in medium to low flame. no need to add extra water. Note : i always cook parallel so it takes less time, either you can cook on stove or microwave. most things i use microwave. crush it with pappu gutte, dont cursh it untill it become paste or dont grind it. you should not see the leaf shape but u should see like some big size chopped leafs keep it a side. in a pan heat oil, add shrimps and fry it, add salt, turmeric, chille powder to that. and mix the prawns in gongura, add salt to taste, garlic cloves, and cook for 3 to 5 mons, bcz prawns observes the sourness form the gongura. always you can do tempering to this. the same way you can do "Chinta chiguru and pachi royal

Recipe Tips

if it sour it taste good


My name is Vijaya short VJ, I am from kakinada lives in Australia, i got married two years back, i never cooked and helped my mom before marriage. but i know the native cooking of kakinada bcz i used study in kitchen when my mom cooking. so that way i know. kakinada is very famous for kaja's, and sea food, u might have a idea. your recopies really helping me, i cant imagine without you in my cooking. while i am cooking i always refer your video in phone or tv. for me my husband installed new tv in kitchen to see your videos and cook. its funny but its true.

Posted Feb 20, 2012

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