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Author mrschinniprasad Servings 0 persons
Published May 02, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 15
Main Ingredient Chicken Preparation Time 10 mins

A starter during lunch or dinner. Tastes great as a snack too.

Recipe of kheema tikkis

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
jeera powder  1/2 tsp
dhaniya powder  1 tsp
Coriander and pudina  1/4 Bunch
Ginger garlic paste  ï¼’ tsp
green chillies  5 nos. Numbers
potato - 1/2 no  1/2 no. Numbers
Chicken mince  250 g Grams
salt  to taste
garam masala  optional

To the chicken mince, add 1/2 potato that has already been cooked and mashed. Grind 5 green chillies along with a tsp of ginger, garlic, a little coriander and pudina. Add this to the chicken mince. Add 1 tsp of dhaniya powder, 1/2 tsp of jeera powder salt to taste. Mix well till all the ingredients blend together as a paste. Heat a nonstick tava or a regular pan. Shape this chicken mince into thin tikkis or vadas and place on the greased tava. Once cooked turn the other side and cook till done. These chicken tikkis can also be grilled. This is a delicious accompaniment liked by children too.
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