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Tips to Say No to Sugar in your diet

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Sugar……Sweets……………Chocolates………………Ice creams…………….Candies……. is all that we love to eat a lot especially the sweet-tooth people. All these are truly lip-smacking, mouth-watering and tempting to eat always anytime anywhere. This happens mainly with Kids as they would happily wish to forego their lunch or dinner for a piece of chocolate or ice cream.

Now with a huge number of various flavored tempting chocolates sweets readily available in the market even the young and old get tempted to munch on. But if you are really looking into cuttin back or eliminating sugar from your diet then here are some amazing tips to cut down on that extra sugar in your diet. It’s not so easy but with little effort and change in your lifestyle and eating habits you could make this an easy task.

Giving up or cutting back on sugar is not a easy task but is truly followed then the rewards are tremendous. This would give you lots of benefits to your overall health. Here’s few tips to help you start cutting down on sugar in your diet:

    1.  Don’t add sugar: This is the most basic way to immediately reduce the amount of sugar. Don’t add sugar when having tea, coffee, cereals or fresh fruit juices.
    2.   Read Labels correctly: Do not get carried away with the glossy packing of most sweet drinks/ sweets/ desserts etc. Don’t get fooled by the healthy sugar disguises. Read the labels and contents carefully as sugar hides under various sneaky names like high fructose corn syrup, invert syrup, molasses, sucrose, brown rice syrup, honey or maple syrup etc. If several sugars appear on the label, then its an indication that the food is less healthy.
    3. Think protein and fat free: Unhealthy carbs are often loaded with plenty of sugar which can cause increase in blood sugar hence to minimize this rapid rise and fall, include protein, healthy fats and fiber in your daily meal which aids in slowing down the release of blood sugar in your body and keep you full for longer time. Protein and healthy fats take longer time to digest and helps your blood sugar in check and sweet carvings at bay. Do Include foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and heart healthy oils like olive oil etc.
    4. Beware of artificial sweeteners: Generally while reducing sugar intake, many are tempting in substituting to artificial sugar for your sweet fix but resist having food products with artificial sweeteners like diet soda, sugar free candy etc as these can mess up your taste for sweet.
    5. Limit fruits and fruit juices:Fruits have natural sugar so it is always best to either eliminate or limit yourself to two serving a day and try including low glycemic fruits like grapefruit, apples and berries. You could also try other simple methods like experiment your foods with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and ginger which will enhance the flavour of foods.
    6. Do not keep any sweets, chocolates or other sugary foods in the house as you are more likely to eat it. Reduce the amount of sugar in foods you prepare at home. Quench your thirst with plain water instead of artificially sweetened varieties.
    7. Remove temptations and make your own treats limiting the amount of sugar. Finally summing this up, remember that almost everything you buy commercially, i.e., from French fries to yogurt there is sugar added which you may not be able to eliminate totally from your diet.
    8. But gradually this could be done to an extent and then your body and brain will thank you as this will give you a tremendous healthy boost. Do look out for your favorite and many more yummy, appetizing and exotic recipes

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