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Sweet Poori


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Sweet Poori Recipe, Maida flour Meetha , How To Make Sweet Poori Recipe

Sweet poori is a simple delicious sweet that looks like a crispy flaky juicy mini poori nicely dipped in sugary syrup.

About Recipe

Maida flour methai, Maida flour inippu, Maida flour Misti

How to make sweet poori

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Prep time
20 mins
Cook time
25 mins
Total time
45 mins
sweet poori
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Maida flour
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : December 29, 2018

Ingredients used in sweet poori
• Rice flour - 2 tablespoons.
• Ghee - 2 tablespoons.
• Oil - as required.
• Sugar - to taste.
• Salt - pinch pinch.
• Maida - 1 cup.
• Water - as.
  • In a bowl mix maida, pinch of salt, ghee mix well and add water as needed to make a soft dough keep it for 15 min.
  • Now make a big thin chapati once chapati is done apply ghee and sprinkle rice flour on top of it then roll the chapati and cut into small dumplings.
  • Now take the dumplings press in the center and roll with chapati roller, you should able to see the layers when it is add oil to deep fry.
  • In another bowl boil sugar make a medium thick syrup .
  • Deep fry the sweet layer pooris and dip in the sugar syrup both the sides and transfer in to a plate.Insteed of sugar syrup you can also sprinkle sugar powder when the pooris are hot so that powder stick to the pooris.

Cooking with images Maida flour madhur, Maida flour , Maida flour sihi


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Recent comments

profile image

PCMiracles Posted on Sat May 09 2009

Looks delicious! 1st comment. Five stars! Keep up the good work!!

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profile image

Halycyon Talkies Posted on Sat May 09 2009

chef! how is this different from madatha kaaja? pls do a vid on kaajas. both Tapeswaram kaaja and Kakinada kaaja :)

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profile image

Reluctantwriter7 Posted on Sat May 09 2009

There goes my diet! Thanks chef, it looks amazing.

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profile image

rosepearl12 Posted on Sat May 09 2009

Thank you chef. Amazing recipe. My grandmother makes these and I so miss her now. I have a request. Please make more hyderabadi dishes specially "shaami" and "Red chicken"(This is the one which they serve in hyderabadi weddings).

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Dee Thakore Posted on Sat May 09 2009

In gujarati: PAKWAAN or MEETHA SAATAA. KHAJAALI with salt only.

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OstrOsized Posted on Sat May 09 2009

Basically indian clarified butter.

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shanjega Posted on Sun May 10 2009

i did this sweet for my parents loved it..but i ate most of them. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! EVERYONE SHUD TRY THIS EASY RECEIPE!!! i cant cook but this came out wonderfully.

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Christie N Posted on Sun May 10 2009

i think it's lard

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x0x0Craz3yBab3 Posted on Mon May 11 2009

ghee is clarified butter :]

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kushijo Posted on Mon May 11 2009

good guess, lard is pork fat but ghee is milk fat made with butter.

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Harini Sabnis Posted on Thu May 14 2009

its a maharashtrian sweet... we call it chiroti and it is specially made during diwali.... and on the fried pooris u can just sprinkle powdered sugar it tastes amazing

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jaanash Posted on Thu May 14 2009

ghee is a clearified Butter..

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