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chicken served in many chinese restaurants in US

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Published March 20, 2008 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Chicken Preparation Time mins

chicken served in many chinese restaurants in US

Recipe of General Tsos Chicken

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
chicken  250 Grams
chicken stock  1 Cup
soya sauce  2 Tablespoons
hoisen sauce  1 Tablespoons
sugar  1 Tablespoons
rice vinegar  2 Tablespoons
pepper powder  to taste
salt  to taste
whole red chilli  4 Numbers
chopped garlic  1 Teaspoons
chopped ginger  1 Teaspoons
corn starch  1 Tablespoons
spring onion  for garnish
soya sauce  few drops
egg white  1 Tablespoons
corn flour  1/2 Cup
oil  to deep fry

1. make a mixture of sauce add chicken stock,soya sauce, hoisen sauce, sugar, rice vinegar,pepper powder,salt and keep a side
2. now make a batter to deep fry chicken add soya sauce,egg white,corn flour, chicken and mix it , deep fry in slow flame till light brown color.
3. heat a pan add oil,chopped ginger garlic whole red chillies ,corn starch,sauce mixture and simmer til it become light thick now add fried chicken cook it for some time till sauce coat to chicken pieces,garnish it with spring and serve hot
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