purnam burelu
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Published Mar 15, 2009 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Desserts/Sweets Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Dall Standing Time 1 hour
Description: Puram burelu is made of Chana dal, jaggery, cardamom powder being the flavor enhancer and the outer casing is the same as the dosa batter made of urad dal and rice.

Recipe of purnam burelu

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Oil 1 To Fry
Rice Flour 1 Tablespoons
Salt 1 Pinch
Rice 1 Cup
Urad Dal 1/2 Cup
Cardamom Pdr 1 Pinch
Jagery 200 Grams
Channa Dal 200 Grams


  1. Boil channa dal and cook till it is well cooked and drain all water when hot ,and let it dry on paper towel if needed 
  2. powder it in food process or add jagery to channa dal pdr and cook till thick ,flavor with cardamom pdr  ( see video for puran poli /bobatlu for the directions batter is same as dosa dough but less fermented make dumplings  as shown put them in the batter and deep fry in fresh hot oil
  3.  Add rice flour in the batter if the batter is thin or not coating the sweet dough properly serve hot can also be served with vanilla ice cream
Posted Mar 15, 2009

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May 18, 2014
Hello Mr. Srinivas garu
I want to know how to make POLI POORNAM BURELU i.e. made with PESARAPAPPU AND SUGAR. I understand that these are made by soaking the pesarapappu in water and then grind it and cook it in the cooker like idly and then grind it and add sugar, cardamom, coconut , elaichi powder and pachcha karpuram and then deep fry just like burelu.
Is iths the same procedure you follow or any other method.
Also in the Poornam burelu I use a pinch of 'PACHCHA KARPURAM' which will enhance the taste of burelu.

shanthi Oct 24, 2010
This site is very informative and very helpful in cooking various dishes. Great site. I like it very much... Thanks.

Naga Laskhmi Mar 25, 2010
Hi Sanjay,

Thanks for ur recipes. All r good.

Thanks for providing.

Naga Lakshmi

nagalaxmi Sep 16, 2008
excellent presentation by a super clean personality. I am feeling so relaxed after watching you video recipies. I stay in New Zealand and i was in a gloomy mood but while watching your video my face turned into a smily . thats great magic of vah chef keep it up. i watch ur video for the super clean cheer. :)

indira Mar 27, 2008

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