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Published September 01, 2009 Cooking Time (mins) 25
Main Ingredient Lamb Preparation Time 10 mins

Mutton cooked in chillies and spices.

Recipe of Spicy Mutton pickle

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
cardamom  2 Numbers
Fennel seeds(saunf)  2 Teaspoons
cumin seeds(jeera)  1 Teaspoons
Red Chillies  13 Numbers
Groundnut oil  200 ml
Vinegar  200 ml
Boneless Mutton  500 Grams
cloves  3 Numbers
cinnamon  1 Numbers
Salt   To Taste
Turmeric powder  1 Teaspoons

Firstly, mix 100ml of vinegar, turmeric powder and some salt. Marinate mutton in this mixture for 1 hr. Grind all the spices and red chillies in 50ml vinegar. Grind it coarsely. Keep a heavy bottom tawa on the stove. Pour all the oil and all the marinated mutton. Fry it till it becomes soft ie., for atleast 15 minutes. Add the grinded mixture to the mutton and the rest of the vinegar to it. Stir it till it becomes quite thick. When the oil starts coming out turn off the stove. If more salt is required, add it. Spicy mutton pickle is ready.
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