Time pass phalli
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Author drswalkhede Yield No Value
Published May 13, 2008 Cooking Time 10 Minutes
Recipe Type Appetizers Preparation Time 2 Minutes
Ingredient Peanuts Standing Time 10 Minutes
Description: Awesome snack with good nutritional value and very less preparation time to go with any masaledar hindi movie........ recipe by drswalkhede

Recipe of Time pass phalli

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Fresh Peanuts {Mungphalli} 500 Grams
Salt 1 Tablespoons
Water 34 fl. oz.


1.Wash fresh peanuts {you can use dry peanuts wtih shell also for this,just you have to soak it in water but fresh one are better}
 2.Take around 1 litre of water in pressure cooker ,add salt and then peanuts and cook this in pressure cooker untill 3 to4 whistles.
 3.For dry peanuts with shell you'll require more whistles let's say 5 to 6.
4.Just remove the shells and peanuts are ready to eat.
Posted May 13, 2008

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ramona Feb 1, 2011
just love your recipes, to make the peanuts even tastier, add few green chillies and a whole pod of garlic {op}

HsvsRsvsesv Jun 6, 2009
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amar Aug 20, 2008
i am a great lover of peanuts

tabassum May 19, 2008
you can buy peanutsfrom any Indian store. VONS also keeps it in ts fruits and veg section.

Prabha Awale May 15, 2008
As always i have enjoyed your videos.I live in cleveland OH and i was wondering which grocery store sells Fresh peanuts

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