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Chicken Wontons


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Chicken Wontons Recipe, Pakoda , How To Make Chicken Wontons Recipe

chicken wontons are so simple to make and are great as a hot snack with soya sauce and hoisin sauce.

About Recipe

Kodi pakodi, Chicken , Muragira mansa samuka


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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
15 mins
Total time
25 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Chicken
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : September 28, 2018

Ingredients used in CHICKEN WONTONS
• All purpose flour - 1/2 cup.
• Corn flour - 1/2 cup.
• Melted butter - 2 teaspoons.
• Salt - to taste.
• Hot water - as required.
• Minced chicken(paste) - 1 cup.
• Till seed oil - 1 tea spoon.
• Msg - 1 pinch.
• Cabbage(finely chopped) - 1/2 cup.
• Egg yolk(yellow) - 1 number.
• Soya sauce - 1 tea spoon.
• Hoisin sauce(optional) - 1 tablespoon.
• Coriander leaves (chopped) - 2 tablespoons.
• Spring onions(chopped) - 1 tablespoons.
• Carrot(chopped) - 1 tablespoon.
• Green chillies (chopped) - 2 numbers.
• Ginger (chopped) - 1 tea spoon.
• Garlic (chopped) - 1 tea spoon.
• Oil - as required.
• Crushed pepper - 1 tea spoon.
  • Take all purpose flour in a bowl and add corn flour, melted butter, salt, hot water slowly and mix it into a dough.
  • For stuffing, take mince chicken in a bowl then add til seed oil, salt, MSG, cabbage, egg yolk, soya sauce, hoisin sauce, coriander leaves, spring onions, crushed pepper, carrot, green chilies, ginger, garlic and mix well then add water and mix again.
  • Take the wonton sheet and wet the edges with water then keep the mixture in between and fold it.
  • Seal it by pressing with fingers and attach both the edges by applying little water.
  • Repeat the process with every sheet and make the wontons.
  • Once all the wontons are made fry them in hot oil until golden brown.
  • Take them out on a tissue paper and serve hot with any kind of sauce

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Recent comments

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Elizabeth Hansen Posted on Sun Dec 21 2014

is it possible to steam them instead of frying them? ?

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Makron5 Posted on Sun Dec 21 2014

I don't know if you spelled wonto N correctly?

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?????? ????????? Posted on Mon Dec 22 2014

?????? ?????? .. ?

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Parthiv C Posted on Mon Dec 22 2014

Really, I got the recipe on BBC better. UK!!!?

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Meghana Reddy Posted on Mon Dec 22 2014

Can we fry these using Philips Air Fryer ? If yes, can you tell the time and temperature settings??

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Richard Blaine Posted on Tue Dec 23 2014

Nom Nom Chef!?

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TameTusker Silly Posted on Tue Dec 23 2014

Does it become won ton soup in one drops it in chicken stock? And,boil it??

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David G Posted on Wed Dec 24 2014

They look like bellends :/?

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Madan Khanal Posted on Wed Dec 24 2014

What is the name of another sauce name plz reply it ?

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goozoo49 Posted on Wed Dec 24 2014

The photo of the video looks gross?

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BigMuff75 Posted on Thu Dec 25 2014

Great channel, love it!?

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rainbow mama Posted on Sun Dec 28 2014

I thought wanton dough requires egg not butter ! May be this is the chefs own recipe :) ?

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