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Eggless Caramel Custard


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Eggless Caramel Custard Recipe, doodh Meetha , How To Make Eggless Caramel Custard Recipe

Eggless caramel custard, a good alternative for those who hate drinking plain milk. It is a light and tasty pudding with a good amount of calcium.

About Recipe

Pala methai, Pal inippu, Dudha Misti

How to make Eggless Caramel Custard

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Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
15 mins
Total time
20 mins
Eggless Caramel Custard
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Milk
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : December 27, 2018

Ingredients used in Eggless Caramel Custard
• Milk - 1 cup.
• Custard powder - 1 tablespoon.
• Yogurt - 1 cup.
• Essence - 1 tea spoon.
• Condense milk - 1 cup.
• Sugar - 1/2 cup.
  • Take a bowl, add milk, custard powder, yogurt, essence, condense milk and mix nicely.
  • Heat non stick pan, add sugar and allow it caramelise and switch off flame.
  • Pour this caramelised mixture at the bottom of silicon mould and on top pour mixed milk mixture.
  • Take a pressure cooker with water, place filled mould and steam cook with closed lid for 15 minutes without putting whistle.
  • Remove from mould using hand and transfer into serving plate.

Eggless caramel custard is now ready to serve.

Cooking with images Dudha madhur, Milk , Halu sihi


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Recent comments

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Sweetu Thakur Posted on Tue Aug 11 2015

Nice idea. Definitely gona try this out :)?

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profile image

Munira Vora Posted on Wed Aug 12 2015

Hi, did u put water in the pressure cooker or just placed the moulds at the bottom? while baking a cake I just place the mould directly at the base if the pressure cooker without any water, sand or salt.?

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profile image

geetha u.r. Posted on Wed Aug 12 2015

Mam i see that water in the cooker .... please let me know properly... Also the rubber for the lid was present or not.?

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profile image

Shanaya Patel Posted on Wed Aug 12 2015

please cut your nails?

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viji ponnian Posted on Mon Oct 19 2015

thanks for a nice recipe.but u didnt tell bout impt part dat is if to keep on low flame or medium or????

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profile image

priyanka agarwal Posted on Tue Oct 27 2015 will we get to know that our custard is ready? by pricking a needle method???

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Rakshit Dave Posted on Mon Nov 30 2015

hi... this eggless custrd recipe was awsome... i m surely gonna try it.plz show recipe of a cheese dip with nachos.?

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profile image

Rakshit Dave Posted on Tue Dec 01 2015

can we do toothpick test to check weather its cooked or not???

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profile image

Sheeraz Sultana Posted on Sat Dec 05 2015

ur tempting me!?

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profile image

Shila Kalloe Posted on Tue Dec 22 2015

cute your nails of use a handclove?

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profile image

destiny246 Posted on Fri Jan 15 2016

mam plz suggest can i add eggs and still use the cooker to cook the custard or do i have to use microwave??

Reply 0 - Replies
profile image

Kenneth Liu Posted on Sat Jan 23 2016

Can there be a substitute for custard powder??

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