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Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi

Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi

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Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi Recipe, How To Make Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi Recipe

Haleem is very famous dish in Hyderabad. Normal haleem cooking will take around 8-10 hrs. I have a recipe with which you can make haleem within 2.5-3hrs max. Taste is 95% close to original haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem: A Taste of Heaven on Your Plate

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About Recipe

How to make Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi

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Prep time
20 mins
Cook time
60 mins
Total time
80 mins
Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Lamb
Servings : 6 persons
Published date : November 21, 2016

Ingredients used in Haleem Recipe Hyderabadi
• Ginger garlic paste,green chillies - 1 cup.
• Cardamom,cloves,cinnamon,sajeera - 4 bunch.
• Fried onions - 1 cup.
• Lemons - 2 slice.
• Wheat - 2 cup.
• Lamb/mutton - 1 pound.
• Pudhina leaves,coriander leaves - 1 bunch.
• Curd,oil,salt - 1 bunch.
  • Wheat to Lamb ratio 1:1 ( One pound of lamb requires one glass of wheat(250ml glass size)).
  • Add 3 glasses of water, a little salt to one glass of wheat and boil it in the cooker for 15-20min( maybe 4-5 whistles).
  • Lamb marination(1 pound) 1 cup curd, juice of half lime 2 spoons of ginger/garlic paste 1.5 spoons of salt coriander and pudina leaves green chilies.
  • Make garam masala (3 cardamoms, 4 cloves, a pinch of jeera, 1-inch cinnamon stick), little coarse and add to marination.
  • Add little oil to the pressure cooker, transfer this marinated mixture and boil it for 4-5 whistles.
  • After boiling allow them to cool. Finely grind the wheat in the grinder.
  • For grinding, instead of water use mutton gravy. Also fine grind 50-60% of lamb(use gravy for grinding instead of water) and mash remaining 50% with hand.
  • Mix both lamb & wheat paste and add little ghee to the mixture.
  • Heat it in an oven for 45 minutes at 350 Farenhiet so that lamb flavors will mix well with wheat. Haleem is ready..
  • Serve it with fried onions, lemon, cilantro leaves... Some will add lentil also but it will kill the Hyderabadi haleem taste.

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Hyderabadi Haleem: A Taste of Heaven on Your Plate


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