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Cooking competition and your journey to the top

Every thing about Cooking competition and your journey to the top | Vahrehvah :

Kurma Bhaji


Food is one of the most imperative ingredients in our lives. Eating good and delicious food has become an excitement and adventure to most of us. This has inspired most of us to enter various cooking competitions that is showcased around the country. Cooking networks have expanded to a great extent. There are also many regional, state, and city cooking competitions that are held every year.

Every human has an inborn talent and possible that one’s culinary skills would be recognized, emerged or improved by participating in such cooking competitions and mainly enjoying the prize money that can be won. These competitions are purely enjoyed by people, who have passion towards cooking food, or a hobbyist, chef’s or housewives etc.

But before you really enter a cooking competition, one needs to understand certain basic rules that all contestants have to follow or by not doing so, would be removed from the contest. The first and basic rule to be followed is entering all details in the prescribed form correctly by the culinary schools/ sponsor and submitting before time.

Do remember that creativity is an important aspect when entering cooking competitions. You should have a thorough knowledge of different International and National popular foods and their ingredients in the right measure. Having said that a thorough  understanding food is a must and it is assumed that you have the basics in hand such as knife skills , knowledge of  ingredients, methods of cooking and equipment usage etc .

Following  magazines or websites to learn on popular dishes and new trends that helps in bringing out your innovative skills and creativity in your culinary arts. Using different exotic spices will give you a distinct advantage and make your dish more enticing and appealing. Always read the rules of the competition carefully and follow them correctly.

The prima tactic to winning to the top at the cooking competition is to keep your dish simple, unique with idiosyncratic flavours, using ingredients that are regularly available in the market, showcasing the sponsor’s product(s), presentation of the dish and naming the dish, which by seeing should speak of the exceptionality of the dish that is prepared.

Apart of all these points to be followed, nonetheless TASTE is the most important factor to ensure you to success. Do not risk on using complex flavours. Simple and humble seasoning as salt makes it or breaks it. Before entering any food competition, always invent or experiment on new dishes, test them with your relative, friends; take their feedbacks and improvise.

This would naturally be your ground-breaking recipes collection. Practice, practice, practice, make the recipe that you have come up with over and over to perfect it. Repetition will pay off in the end when you can create the dish perfectly every time you make it. You have to hit on the most important aspects of the dish.

Taste, aroma, presentation and ease of preparation so that it can be adapted in the main line production in the restaurants. If your dish measures up in all categories, you are close to having a winner. Garnishing is an important aspect and do it the most pleasing way that you can, since we eat with our eyes first, you want to incorporate a beautiful garnish which is simple and can be repetitive.

Finally, even if you have the best tasting dish and do not get a chance to win the competition, your recipes will surely make your way ahead as the whole world will be watching and would try doing them, so, that shows your success. “Fun and enjoy doing, what you are doing”, which is the key to success.

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