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Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Lentil and Vegetable soup is a very healthy, nutritious and satisfying appetizer made of whole green or brown lentils along with other ingredients and spices. Soups are loved by all and work as a healthy alternative to most of the junk foods. Soups are a delight especially during the rainy and winter seasons. It’s truly a comfort food, refreshing, full and flavors and aromatic. This soup is greatly nutritious with mixed vegetables like carrot, turnip or parsnip and garnished with watercress sprigs and cottage cheese. Yeah, what do carrot; turnip and parsnip have in common? They are all root based vegetables that are rich in nutrients, low in calories and fat. They are economical and easily available throughout the year. When combined together, infuse amazing subtle flavors into the soup. Turnips have a sweet flavor and plenty of vitamin C while parsnips are cheap, simple to prepare and adds a slightly sweet flavor and is a comforting element to the dish. They are generally added to stews, soups, pureed or raw turnip imparts a mild radish flavor and when cooked they become delicately sweet and succulent absorbing other flavors well. They are generally served as a side dish in northern Europe. Raw turnips aid digestion and help clean the teeth where as cooked turnips energize the digestive system. Parsnips carry lots of nutritional benefits, as they contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folates, potassium, magnesium and lots of fiber. Increased potassium in the diet is often associated with a lowering in blood pressure. Winter does magical things to parsnips as frosty temperatures convert the starch in the root vegetable to sugar, lending a subtle sweetness to the flesh. Parsnips may also be roasted or added to soups and stews. They have a strong, dominating flavor, so use with discretion. Parsnips are loaded with food energy and have diuretic, detoxifying and cleansing attributes. Carrots are also best known for being rich in beta carotene, a compound that may reduce heart disease and certain types of cancer, and vitamin A, which bolsters vision, bone growth and tooth development. Carrots being one of the most versatile and nutritious vegetables with their sweet taste and crisp texture are great as appetizers, salads, main dishes, and desserts. Inclusion of all these nutritious vegetables along with lentils tantalizes your taste buds and makes you feel revitalizing and healthful. Lentils have been used in the human diet since the Stone Age and are low in fat, high in protein and fiber. Health wise lentils contain a source of cholesterol lowering fiber, help regulate blood sugar and are one of the best vegetable sources of iron.  Their iron content is particularly important for vegetarians or anyone suffering from iron deficiency. For preparing this enticing recipe, firstly cook whole green or brown lentils and keep aside. Wash and dice the mixed vegetable (carrot, turnip and parsnip) and onions. Simmer the vegetables in the water for 15 minutes until tender. Add the cooked lentils. Mix, taste and adjust the seasoning adding salt. Serve the soup sprinkled with sprigs of watercress and finely grate white cheese or a low fat cottage cheese. The Lentil and Vegetable soup is an excellent meal in a bowl that brims and fills you with enormous soluble fiber. Thick and richly flavored, this soup is almost a meal in itself. Most of the times it’s very hard to get the kids to eat lentils and mixed vegetable as they are a great source of proteins and minerals. This medley of soup is the right dish which can make a delicious and yummy vegetable soup that should go down a treat. Do try this and share it with your kids and family. Click the link for the detailed recipe at:

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