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Healthy Teeth Keeps You Smiling

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This is an amazing article which would guide you to know how good your smile can be if you have healthy teeth. Diet and nutrition play a key role in tooth development, bone strength, gingival and oral tissue integrity and prevention and management of diseases of the oral cavity.


We should know that our teeth are made from protein matrix which is mineralized with collagen (requiring vitamin C), calcium and phosphorus (requiring vitamins A  and  D). It is very important that you take care of your teeth and gums as they help you to eat, affect your speech, makes space for your grown up teeth to guide them in position and lastly makes you look smarter and feels better with a nice smile. Brushing is one of the essential works in your daily routine activities.


You must brush two times a day with fluoride toothpaste to keep your teeth clean and freshen your breadth. Foods play a vital role in keeping your teeth strong and fit. Do not snack too much between meals instead eat healthy snacks like raw vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, plain yogurt etc.


Limit yourself from eating chocolates, sweetened drinks like soda, sugary juices and sports drinks. A healthy mouth will keep the rest of your body healthy. Most of the dental diseases are preventable if good oral care is taken off. Hence, start off your day with proper brushing and flossing and have a healthy and balanced diet with regular dental checkups you’ll be on the right path to a healthy smile. Some excellent tips for having healthy teeth and gums are changing your toothbrush at least once in two to three months.


Old and worn out toothbrush will transfer bacteria to your mouth. Every morning clean your tongue with a tongue scraper and remove tongue plaque to freshen your breadth. Cut down on sugary foods. It is always best to avoid sugary foods as sugar plus bacteria equal oral plaque plus the acid in refined sugars and carbonated beverages dissolves tooth enamel. Having a balanced diet that includes sufficient nutrition will help promote healthy teeth.


Nutrients such as vitamin C, D, Calcium and others are essential for oral health. Along with eating a healthy and balanced diet, it would be great if you limit snacking. In order to having healthy, white teeth, it is best to avoid foods that include: Sugary drinks, some starchy foods like breads, pastas, rice and potatoes as starches raise acid levels from bacteria in the mouth eroding tooth enamel, Candy and highly sweetened snacks and tea, coffee and red wine (they tend to stain teeth) etc.


Foods best to choose for healthy & bright teeth are water (best choice as it helps wash acid producing foods from the mouth), sugar free chewing gum (increases the flow of saliva which aids neutralize acids in the mouth protecting tooth enamel), cheese and milk (the protein, calcium and phosphorous protects enamel from erosion), citrus fruits etc. You could also include foods such as celery; apples, pears and carrots which trigger lots of saliva that help wash away food debris on your teeth.


Following these simple remedies you could have stainless teeth and can stop further discoloration. VahChef Sanjay Thumma Do look out for your favorite, yummy, appetizing and exotic recipes at:


Enjoy cooking and eating healthy foods to stay hale and hearty. Always remember that: VahrehVah is all about inspiring others to cook”!

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