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Diet and Diabetes

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Diet plays an important role in controlling Diabetes. Carbohydrates are the component of food that causes an increase in blood sugar. Our body cells require glucose (sugar) as a fuel for producing energy. After digestion food changes to glucose and this glucose through blood reaches to cells.


Insulin, a hormone is the key which makes the body cells door to allow glucose to enter. In absence of enough insulin, glucose level in blood increases. Uncontrolled Diabetes may cause blindness, blurred vision, excessive urination, poor wound healing, impairment of kidney function, increased risk of brain damage, chances of heart attacks and food problems (gangrene). Thus it is very important that people with diabetes should have a proper diet, do regular exercise and do regular monitoring and medications.


To control Diabetes, one should follow a proper dietary guideline which includes: Maintaining ideal body weight Choose simple carbohydrates Eat protein from vegetarian sources Restrict fatty foods and oils Increase fiber in diets Include salads, whole pulses, whole cereals and sprouts in meal Maintain fixed meal timings Take smaller meals Avoid skipping meals or fasting Get regular exercise

Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Salad 

Foods that you can eat freely includes: Green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, high fiber foods (oats, wheat bran, millets), spices, buttermilk, lemon, black coffee or tea without sugar.

Foods to be eaten in moderation: Cereals, pulses (with husk), roots and tubers, fruits (non-sweet variety), milk products (skimmed milk), eggs.

Foods to be avoided: Sweets, sugar, reduce salt, honey, jam and jellies, cakes, pasteries, soft drinks, fried foods, fruits like mango, banana, grapes, sapota, custard apple, dry fruits, sweetened juices, salad dressings and alcoholic beverages.


Some of the most beneficial foods good for Diabetes are: Bitter gourd (karela), Fenugreek seeds (methi seeds), Amla, Jamun (Indian blackberry), Garlic, Ragi, Flaxseeds, Flour(s) like Wheat flour, Gram flour, Soya flour, brown rice, barley. Diabetes can be controlled by a healthy diet which may include changing what one eats, in what quantities and how often. This in turn helps in weight control, blood glucose control and prevention and management of short-term and long-term complications of diabetes and heart disease.


 So start slowly by changing your habits one at a time, seek support from your dietitian or diabetes support group, good nutrition is one of the keys to managing Type 2 Diabetes apart from weight management and exercise. Seek help to set and reach your nutrition and exercise goals.


Control your Diabetes for leading a better and fruitful Life. If you are Diabetic, always watch out on what you are eating and its calorie count. Enjoy cooking and eat healthy and hygienic homemade foods. If you wish to look out for some yummy, appetizing and nutritious recipes, feel free to click at: You could always reach me at my below links:

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Enjoy cooking healthy foods and stay hale and hearty. Always remember that: VahrehVah is all about inspiring others to cook”!  

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