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Is Healthy Eating Important?

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Healthy Eating is one of the most important topics now days. It is been loudly said time and again to all of us through various media channels about eating healthy, nutritious and balanced food, making good and nutritious food choices which needs to be started right from a tender age, which shall help in driving away all major health issues especially Child Obesity, heart problems, diabetes, hyper tension etc.

A healthy diet shall help prevent certain chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc. This concept of healthy diet would be different from person to person or group of persons as it includes children, women, men, pregnant women, and old people with certain health problems who would require special dietary requirements.

Hence it important to follow a healthy diet as per your age, health issues (if any) etc and mainly adhering to the dietary requirements you intake. Our body requires energy to function properly and keep us alive. This energy is derived from the nutrients in the food that we eat, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Vitamins and minerals are other nutrients that are also important in our diet to help our body stay healthy and fit. Hence it is very important that you get the right balance between these different nutrients to get maximum health benefits. Remember that your diet should comprise of all sorts of foods from each of the following food groups as this will help in making a right balanced healthy meal.

The different food groups include Starchy foods like rice, potatoes, bread etc; Milk and dairy foods, Fresh vegetables and fruits, Proteins foods like fish, eggs, poultry, meat and other non dairy sources of proteins that includes paneer, tofu, nuts, pulses and beans etc.

The last but not the least is the fatty and sugary foods which is the fifth food group but should be eaten only in moderation. In addition to all these foods it’s essential that you take plenty of water and fibre in your diet.

Making a healthy diet: Generally, nutritionist advice that the food you eat should include about one third amount from each of the 4 food groups and limit the amount of foods and drinks that are high in sugar and fat. Often people think that starchy foods are fattening hence complete avoid eating them but carbohydrate is an important energy source for your body and eating starchy foods gives a feeling of fullness which helps to control appetite.

Choose eating baked or boiled potatoes, Eat bread made with whole-wheat, Cook brown rice instead of polished rice, Eat high-fibre cereals or whole grain cereals for breakfast etc, Use fat free milk or low-fat milk, cheeses, yoghurts, and other dairy foods rather than full-fat varieties.

Use lean cuts of fish, meat and skinless chicken Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Eat egg whites and avoid the yolks. If you love eating sandwiches with mayonnaise then use light eggless mayonnaise instead of the regular variety.

Use non-fat yogurt or low fat salad cream as a cream substitute instead of sour cream. Include soups and salads in your daily meal. Eat fresh seasonal fruits for dessert instead of pies or cakes. If you are eating the left over gravies, then skim off the fat before reheating them.

Do not eat too much of fat. Finally eat a wide range of foods to ensure that you are getting a balanced diet so that your body is receiving all the nutrients it requires. Avoid having too many sugary foods and drinks, do not eat too much of salt instead use herbs and spices to flavor the food, and always remember to eat in portion sizes.

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