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Kandi Podi - Toor Dal Spice Powder

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Kandi Podi - Toor Dal Spice Powder Recipe, Daal Dal, How To Make Kandi Podi - Toor Dal Spice Powder Recipe

Kandi podi is prepared of dry roasted dals (lentils) with other spices to give a nice aromatic fragrance and delicious to eat with plain rice and ghee (clarified butter). this is another form of gunpowder make with toor dal and very famous in Andhra Pradesh.

About Recipe

Daal pappu, Daal paruppu, Daal Daal

How to make Kandi Podi - toor dal spice Powder

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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
25 mins
Total time
35 mins
Kandi Podi - toor dal spice Powder
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Daal
Servings : 0 persons
Published date : February 05, 2019

Ingredients used in Kandi Podi - toor dal spice Powder
• Toor dal - 1 cup.
• Red chillies - 10-15 numbers.
• Channa dhal - 1/2 cup.
• Dhalia (fried channa dhal) - 1 cup.
• Garlic - 3-4 cloves.
• Curry leaves - 2 sticks.
• Hing - 1 tea spoon.
  • Dry roast all the ingredients well.
  • Then transfer into a blender and make a fine powder.
  • Gun powder is ready.

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kewlguyrocking Posted on Mon Mar 31 2008

Ahaaa....kandi podi ...ventane chesta....nooru oorutondi !! :) Thanks sanjay garu !!

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godoter Posted on Mon Mar 31 2008

These ingredient makings as opposed to recipes are very difficult to find and learn. Namaste indeed. Please more of powders, pastes, bases, etc. I wonder if I want to make a lot of this type of base powder, as opposed to the frying pan on a flame, c

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sendevz Posted on Tue Apr 01 2008

Sanjay,made the andhra version of gun powder today...hmmmm... just yummmmm... Thanks a ton for the recipe!!!...

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Pavan Allu Posted on Thu Apr 03 2008

Thank you so much

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Meenal Sharma Posted on Sat Jun 13 2009

haha...gun powder :)

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Michael Farias Posted on Mon Oct 05 2009

1:04 - 1:11 ..

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Bambiezbotron Posted on Tue Feb 23 2010

I made this powder and it turned out delicious, especially on sauteed vegetables. However, I thought it would be pretty easy to make all the dal into a powder with my mortar and pestle (ding chick) because I don't have a blender/food processor. I

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gunkapoor Posted on Wed Feb 24 2010

hahahaha. too good. he's drinking coconut water in between. hahahahahah. sooooo cute.

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Raj Singh Posted on Wed Jun 02 2010

why dont u give people idea about vorugulu

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awsomenesscaleb Posted on Wed Oct 06 2010

Gun powder doesn't sound too appetizing, or safe for that matter.

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mehak altaf Posted on Fri Dec 31 2010

andhra resciepes are always good to eat rich in vitamins and healthy too.. love u chef and i have almost all ur videos and became OK cook to WOW cook thanks n may god bless u ...

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oracle11iappsdba Posted on Wed Dec 07 2011

this is an sos recipe. hot steaming rice+1 spoon ghee+2 spoons podi= emergency home food. thanks for the recipe.

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