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Keema Mutillu (lamb Mince Balls)

Keema Mutillu (Lamb mince balls)
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Keema Mutillu (lamb Mince Balls) Recipe, How To Make Keema Mutillu (lamb Mince Balls) Recipe

Qeema Mutti is an excellent dry snack item made with lamb meat, mince and spices combined together and made into dumplings and deep fried until done.

About Recipe

How to make Keema Mutillu (Lamb mince balls)

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Prep time
40 mins
Cook time
30 mins
Total time
70 mins
Keema Mutillu (Lamb mince balls)
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Lamb
Servings : 0 persons
Published date : November 19, 2016

Ingredients used in Keema Mutillu (Lamb mince balls)
• Keema - 500 grams.
• Dry coconut - 20 grams.
KEEMA MUTILLU [ LAMB MINCE BALLS] Ingredients: (1)Lamb mince -- 500 gms (2)Onions ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£ 1 medium ( cut into slices). (3)Garam masala whole (2 cinnamon, 3 cloves, 2 cardamom and half tsp black jeera) (4)Oil. (5)Ground nuts 20 gms. (6)Putnala papu 30 gms (7)Dry coconut ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£1/4. (8)Gasalu (poppy seeds) ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£2 tsp s. (9)Mint ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£1 Bunch (10)Coriander ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£1 Bunch (11) Red chilli powder ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£1- 2 Tsp s. (12)Turmeric ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£half tsp. (13)Garlic Ginger ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£1 Tsp. (14)Salt. (15)Green chillies ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£6. Prerequisites: (1)Take a bowl add lamb mince, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garlicginger paste, and salt, mix it well and keep a side. (2)Take a pan add 2 tsps of oil and fry the onions till transparent, keep a side. (3) In a pan roast gasalu (poppy seeds) and ground nuts separately without oil for few minutes. (4)Make small pieces of dry coconut and chop the mint and coriander. Procedure: (1)In a grinder, grind coconut pieces and gasalu, later add green chillies, mint, coriander, putnala papu, garam masala and onions make a fine paste. (2)Now at last add the mince and grind for less than a minute. (3)Apply some oil or water to your hand and make medium size balls. (4)In a deep pan heat oil and fry these balls on a medium fame till they turn to brown color. (5)You can serve them dry like side dish or make a sauce version. Sauce Version: (1)In a pan add some oil fry half tsp jeera, cashew nuts after few minutes add 2 chopped tomatoes, curry leaves, pinch of turmeric powder, half tsp red chilli and pinch of salt and 2 Tsp of water and cook them for 8-10 minutes with a led on. (2)Stir the sauce and add the keema mutillu for 15- 20 minutes with a led on. They will observes the sauce. Stir it frequently. (3)Serve the delicious soft keema mutillu in a thick sauce. Serve it as side dish with papu charu and rice; tastes top of the world.

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