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Makhani Jalfreizi

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Makhani Jalfreizi Recipe, mix veg sabji Sabji, How To Make Makhani Jalfreizi Recipe

Vegetable jalfrezi is a mildly spiced up and sizzling vegetable recipe with an array of vegetables like carrots, peas, capsicum, cauliflower etc embodied in a mildly spiced gravy. The vegetable jalfrezi is a special dish which may be served to guests at gatherings and parties.

About Recipe

Kalgora koora, Samayalkurippu Kuzhambu, Shukto torkari

How to make Makhani jalfreizi

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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
35 mins
Total time
45 mins
Makhani jalfreizi
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Mix Vegetable
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : February 19, 2019

Ingredients used in Makhani jalfreizi
• Vegetables (beans, carrot, baby corns, bell peppers) - 150 grams.
• Sugar - 1-2 teaspoons.
• Ginger garlic paste - 1 tablespoon.
• Whole garam masala (cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, clove) - 30 grams.
• Tomatoes (sliced) - 500 grams.
• Kasoori methi - 1 tablespoon.
• Butter - 1/2 cup.
• Salt - to taste.
• Green chilies - 12 number.
• Kashmiri red chilies (broken into small pieces) - 75 grams.
• Cashew nuts - 50 grams.
• Onions (sliced) - 150 grams.
• Garam masala - 1 tea spoon.
• Spring onions (chopped) - 1 tablespoon.
• Coriander leaves (chopped) - 1/2 bunch.
• Cream - 1 tea spoon.
  • Add whole garam masala in the muslin cloth and tie it.
  • Heat butter in a pressure cooker and put the garam masala sachet (cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, clove) in it, then add sliced onions, cashew nuts, saute it till onions are slightly transparent.
  • In it, add salt, ginger garlic paste and cook this until ginger garlic paste raw flavour is gone.
  • Add colour giving chilli or Kashmiri red chilli, green chillies, tomatoes, mix it well and let it cook with closed lid for about 15 to 20 minutes on a slow flame (5 to 6 whistles). Let it cool down, remove the sachet.
  • Then by using a strainer, drain out the excess water and put the onion and tomato mixture into the blender and blend them to a paste and again strain it, after straining all, discard the seeds and peels of tomato.
  • Now, cook the strained paste of tomatoes and onions for 20 minutes, season it with salt, sugar as required, mix it.
  • In the same pan, add toasted kasoori methi (crush it with hands), once it comes to boil, switch off the flame.
  • Heat butter in a pan, add par-boiled vegetables which are cut them into lengthwise (carrot, beans, baby corns), saute it.
  • Add sliced onions and sliced bell peppers (red, green, yellow) to the above pan, saute this for some time.
  • To it, add makhani gravy and cook this for 5 minutes. Later, season it with garam masala powder, spring onions (optional), chopped coriander leaves, toss it.
  • At last, add fresh cream and mix it, switch off the flame.

DeliciousMakhani jalfrezi is now ready to serve.

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AbstractMan23 Posted on Tue Dec 03 2013

Love this looks amazing!?

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Quentin02143 Posted on Tue Dec 03 2013

I'm going to make this for my vegetarian friends.  Good combo of veggies for makhni, thanks for the video!?

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Subbu K Posted on Tue Dec 03 2013

Sanjay, I won't stop spamming you irritating you and pestering you till you show us all the "Thum-bi-Zeit" recipe. I am at war with you. Although You are an Amazing Chef !!?

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Lidija Tisina Posted on Tue Dec 03 2013

 ???????? ?? ?????? , ??? ???????????? ????????

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Serkan E Posted on Tue Dec 03 2013

I think this makhni sauce can also be used in pasta or spagetti.?

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Lilith Maryjoy Posted on Tue Dec 03 2013

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ifluvinguiswrong Posted on Tue Dec 03 2013

Looks great I have to give it a try. Doesn't seem hard at all.?

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Moon light Posted on Wed Dec 04 2013

I Love your recipes very much chef ???Keep up the good work ?Greetings from Saudi Arabia ??

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muskndusk Posted on Fri Dec 06 2013

Curry houses usually make this dish with lots of green chillies. Is this just a foible of balti houses in the UK??

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padma vasavi Posted on Fri Dec 06 2013

You are AWESOME..Love all your recipes & your TV show in Gemini channel ?

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Luiz Carlos Posted on Tue Jan 21 2014

Perfect and delicious!?

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Jumpstart Jimbo Posted on Sun Feb 09 2014

 Jhaal means hot/spicy in Bangla and Frezy may have come from the Bangla word 'Forasi' means French. When the British rulers were trying to get a toehold in Bengal, their main competitors were the French. The French established their grip aro

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