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Russian salad

The flavour and texture of the Russian Salad is quite different from the standard salads....

Date: - Feb 15, 2019

Mango Sweet Corn Salad

This is a healthy salad composed of few ingredients which make a nutrient-rich meal....

Date: - Feb 6, 2019

Healthy Mixed Fruit Chat - Be Fit  Be Cool AAPI

Healthily mixed fruit chat is a low-fat fruit chat is a healthy way of enjoying the spicy and tangy fruit chat....

Date: - Dec 19, 2018

Rainbow Salad Health and Colors - Be Fit Be Cool AAPI

This tasty color full salad is a combination of vegetables and fruits, which is very healthy and tasty too.29279...

Date: - Feb 27, 2019


This is a delightful dessert prepared with pineapple pieces and fresh cream....

Date: - Feb 16, 2019

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a dish consisting of various kinds of fruit, When served as an appetizer or as a dessert, a fruit salad is sometimes known as a fruit cocktail or fruit cup....

Date: - Nov 10, 2016

Creamy fruit salad

How to makeCreamy fruit salad?How to cookCreamy fruit salad?Learn the recipeCreamy fruit saladby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 11, 2016

Chaat (Fiery Fruit Salad) North Indian Style

Fruit salad is a dish consisting of various kinds of fruit, sometimes served in a liquid, either in their own juices or a syrup. and this salad is very easy and tasty....

Date: - Nov 24, 2016

Macedonia di frutta Fruit Salad

Macedonia di frutta is a Italian fruit salad which is healthy and delicious dessert. Macedonia di frutta is a salad preparation of mixed fruits. ...

Date: - Nov 13, 2016

Prawn and Fruit Salad

How to makePrawn and Fruit Salad?How to cookPrawn and Fruit Salad?Learn the recipePrawn and Fruit Saladby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 24, 2016

Aunas Ambo Sasam

This is a south Indian recipe. It is very tasty and delicious. this recipe is easy to prepare....

Date: - Nov 24, 2016


This juice recipe is easy and famous recipe in Andhra pradesh which is highly packed with nutrients. ...

Date: - Nov 15, 2016


Macedonia di frutta is a healthy Italian fruit salad which is healthy and delicious dessert that makes very few calories. It is a fan...

Date: - Sep 29, 2016

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