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Railway Mutton curry

The story goes that this mutton curry recipe is served in all First Class compartments on Indian trains. The simple dish suitable to have for every age group....

Date: - Mar 12, 2019


This classical Portugal influenced goanese dish has a concoction of chicken, garlic, red chilies, vinegar and other Indian spices....

Date: - Feb 5, 2019

Dry Fish and Brinjal Curry

Dry fish brinjal curry is popular in Andhra Pradesh. A combo veg dish usually served with rice and roti. ...

Date: - Mar 5, 2019


This is a brilliant recipe for kids turning the humble potato into delicious homemade wedges that will rival any oven chip. Crispy and delightful dish instantly makes a place in your favorites....

Date: - Mar 18, 2019

AlooSweetPotato Curry

Delicious and healthy curry which also suits for growing children and every one.This is Poori curry which tastes better than those bandi sellers out on the street....

Date: - Nov 21, 2016

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