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Vegetable Stock


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Vegetable Stock Recipe, Vegetables Sabji, How To Make Vegetable Stock Recipe

stock to use in lot of Indo-Chinese dishes and continental dishes to suit spicy taste buds.

About Recipe

Vegetables koora, Vegetables Kuzhambu, Vegetables torkari

How to make vegetable Stock

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Prep time
2 mins
Cook time
120 mins
Total time
122 mins
vegetable Stock
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Vegetables
Servings : 0 persons
Published date : March 13, 2019

Ingredients used in vegetable Stock
• Spices - 0.
• Salt - to taste.
• Water - 10 cup.
• All vegetables trimings - 500 grams.

1.put tall the vegetables with spices in water in stock pot. let it simmer for two hours.
2.strain and refrigerate use when desired.

Cooking with images Vegetables Rassa , Vegetables rasdar, Vegetables saaru


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Priya Ramachandran Posted on Tue Feb 19 2008

Grateful to u chef for this. I have to make this for my son. surprised to see that no comments for this video which is really important may be not much vegetarians out there.

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RainaDragonfire Posted on Tue Feb 19 2008

wow cool. Thanks for the great video

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godoter Posted on Wed Feb 20 2008

chindiki chindiki chindiki tight! we love chef Sanjay

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shdjs Posted on Wed Feb 20 2008

Thank you. Can we add Indian vegetables like small eggplant, okra etc too? I like this idea of saving all the trimmings for a week and making stock.

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Halycyon Talkies Posted on Wed Feb 20 2008

Chef! can you please tell us the secret behind the delicious soup? for us non-vegetarians!

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UshaKiran venkata Posted on Fri Feb 22 2008

Loved the concept of the veg stock ice cubes!!!!!!!!! Chef you are a genius. And thanks for telling me about the Chinese veg soups which is never Veg!

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Preeti Anand Posted on Wed Feb 27 2008

Hi Chef! Does it work if we pressure cook the entire thing? I would guess it would cut down on the cooking time... Also how much water was used to get how much stock?

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shaluuuuuuuu Posted on Sat Mar 01 2008

hey chef hope u r doin fine cant wait to learn some chinese dishes plzzz do it soon!!!! i must thank u for all ur efforts keep goin...

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Veena KG Posted on Thu Mar 13 2008

Thanks for the recipe. I loved the washed rice water addition tot he stock. That is a great flavor tip. Thanks a million.

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MrsMaggie Posted on Wed Mar 19 2008

great story! I will not eat chinese food, cause you can't trust it! EXCELLLLLLLLETNT ADVICE ABOUT THE CUBES!!!! LOVE THAT THANK YOU!!

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RomiSinghania Posted on Sun Aug 10 2008

Wow I am just amazed by the earth shattering truth of Chinese concealment of to all the viewers bcos I know how many times veggy people get ruined of their religious and philosophical thinking. I am pursuing medical career in Canada and tha

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paweleve Posted on Mon Oct 06 2008

man that is great he went all out... glad i found this

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