bread chutney
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Author anitina123 Yield No Value
Published Oct 6, 2009 Cooking Time 4 Minutes
Recipe Type Breads Preparation Time 7 Minutes
Ingredient Bread Standing Time 4 Minutes

Recipe of bread chutney

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Salt to taste To Taste
Red Chilli 6(medium) Numbers
Curry Leaves 2 Stricks
Aniseed 1 Teaspoons
Cloves 3 Numbers
Cinnamon 2 Numbers
Fried Gram 1 Cup
Coconut 2 Cup
Salt Bread 6 Loaf
Oil to taste To Taste
Dalda Or Ghee to taste To Taste


Grind these ingredients coconut,fried gram,cinnamon,cloves,aniseed,curry leaves,red chilli,salt to a consistency which should not be too pasty(fine) or too coarse,it shoulb be inbetween these,thereby we can spread it over the bread.spread the ground paste on both sides of the bread and roast it on the tawa around 3 to 4 mins ,can roast with oil and dalda mix or oil and ghee mix.Good when serve it hot.Can have it directly or goes well with sugar as a side dish.Easy dish to do for breakfast or as evening snacks.
Posted Oct 6, 2009

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archana Oct 27, 2009
wow,very tasty recipe,i roasted the bread stuff in the mixture of oil and ghee(1 teaspoon oil mixed with one teaspoon ghee),that goes well rather with the mixture of oil+dalda.I think everyone should enjoy the taste with sugar.

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