bread dhokala
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Author shruti.deopurkar Yield No Value
Published Dec 5, 2008 Cooking Time 5 Minutes
Recipe Type Appetizers Preparation Time 30 Minutes
Ingredient Bread Standing Time 5 Minutes
Description: A cold dhokala &eassy to cook.

Recipe of bread dhokala

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Rai(mustard Seed) 2 Teaspoons
Oil 1 Tablespoons
Chopped Coriander
Peper Powder 1 Teaspoons
Sugar 1 Teaspoons
Salt To Taste
Chopped Garlic 1.5 Teaspoons
Chopped Ginger 1.5 Teaspoons
Chopped Green Chilli 1
Dahi 2 Cup
Bread 8 Slice
Hing 0.5 Teaspoons
Curry Leaves 5-6 Numbers
Green Chili(slice) 1 Numbers


1. Cut the corner of bread slice. 2.tie dahi(yogert)in a clean muslin cloth,so all the water falls away,its became thick yogert. 3.make paste of green chilli,ginger,garlic. 4In a mixing bowl,take dry yogert,paste and mix well. 5. Add peper powder,salt&sugar. 6.Take bread slice spread yogert paste on it, cover with another slice. 7Again do the same process, and make 4 sandwitches ,2 bread each. 8. Covered bread slice with yogert paste, keep aside for 15-20 mn. cut into pices. 10. Heat oil in a pan,add rai,green chillis& curry leaves, 11.Spead oil mixture on dhoklas. 12. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Posted Dec 5, 2008

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Neel Jun 13, 2009
Please do not follow this is worst. wastage of curd, bread, oil and still no taste. even after making it, u will feel the oily curd in ur throat...

please remove this receipe

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