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Author Vahchef Servings 0 persons
Published April 04, 2010 Cooking Time (mins) 15
Main Ingredient Carrots Preparation Time 10 mins

this is my favourite dish,i want everyone to try this once!!!sanjay please make this dish for me please!!

Recipe of carrot payasam

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
milkmaid  1 Cup
milk  2 Cup
saggubhiyyam(optional)  50 Grams
ghee  1 Tablespoons
carrots  5 Piece
cashew,pista,badam  1 Cup
dry kova  1 Cup
sugar  2 Cup

1.Take a pan, 2.add one tablespoon of ghee 3.add nicely sliced carrot 4.heat it till the carrot turns brown,care to be taken not too much fried. 5.take another pan add ghee, 6.add cashew,pista and badam 7.fry these dry fruits till they become brown and take off 7.1.make a powder of these dry fruits in mixie 8.boil saggubhiyyam in a pan and take off.(optional) add 2 cups of milk in a pan. 9.1add 1 cup of sugar 10.add fried carrots 11.add dry kova 12.add milkmaid add nicely boiled saggubhiyam . 14.leave it to boil for a while 15.add dry fruits powder ,mix well 16.make sure that water should not dry out since it is paayasam 17.finally add elaichi powder to taste 18 .take off the pan garnish with carrot and cashew 19.chill it for a while 19.tasty carrot payasam is ready.
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