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chatti pathiri

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Published November 20, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 15
Main Ingredient egg Preparation Time 45 mins

this is a sweet appetizer of northen kerala.and its known as malabari sweet dish.the main content of this is eggs.

Ingredients of chatti pathiri

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
maida  1 1/2cup
cardomom  10
ghee  3/4 cup
raisins  1/2 cup
cashew nuts  1 cup
poppyseed  2 tspn
egg  7 Numbers
sugar  3/4cup
salt  3 pinch
warm water  1/2 cup

kneed maida well by adding 3 pinch of salt with warm water.make 10 medium size thin chappathies.take a non stick pan.simmer the heat.half cook those chappathies.then take another frying pan.put 1/2 cup of ghee to the hot pan.lower the flame.then add cashew nuts, raisins till it become golden brown.remove it into a plate.after that add those poppy seeds.fry it for a second.and just strain it in a tea strainer.keep those fried things ,take a bowl beat 7 eggs by adding sugar,cardomom powderd.take another small cup and pour just half to the small cup of those beaten eggs.keep it aside.then pour those beaten eggswhich was in the big bowl in to a hot pan by adding 5tspn of ghee.mix it well amp;scatter it.then take a non stick medium size container .put it in a simmer heat.add 1/4 cup of ghee.take one half cooked chappathy.dip it in to the egg which we had kept aside in a small cup.put that chappathy in to the contaiter.springle little bit fried poppy seeds,nuts,raisinsamp;also those fried scatterd eggs.continue the same proceedure for rest of 9 chappathy.fill the container.i mean spread evenly those chappathy.there should not be gap in sides of the container.and on the top ,that is for the last chappathy.add only poppy seeds,nutsamp;raisins.pour the rest of ghee which was used to fry .close the container with the lid.and just cook it for 15 min in a simmer heat.remember it should not be cooked in a high the lid after 1 will be in the form of a cake.remove it in to a plate.cut in and can be served.
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