chilli chutney
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Author shilpa_peesari Yield No Value
Published Feb 10, 2011 Cooking Time 10 Minutes
Recipe Type Dipping/Pickles Preparation Time 5 Minutes
Ingredient Other Standing Time 10 Minutes

Chutney is made by the Mirchi that is used to make mirchi bajji (LAVU MIRAPAKAYALU)

Recipe of chilli chutney

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Oil To fry To Fry
Salt To taste To Taste
Tomato 2-3 Numbers
Tamarind Lemon sized Small
Cumin Seeds 1/2 Teaspoons
Coriander Seeds 1 Teaspoons
Mirchi (remove Its Tail/handle) 10 Numbers
Onion 1 or 1/2 Numbers
Garlic 3-4 cloves Numbers


1. Take a pan add 3-4 spoons of oil & heat & add Mirchi & fry well till they change their color slightly to brown. 2. Now add coriander seeds & cumin seeds & when they split switch off the heat & take them in to a plate. 3.Again in to the same pan add cut tomatos or u can add some more oil& fry them & cook them well & when they become smooth switch off the heat. 4.Now take the Mirchi that is fried in to the mixy jar & add salt & tamarind & grind it to a paste. 5.Now add tomatoes to it & grind well. 6.At last add onion & garlic cloves & grind slightly (If chunks of onions remain it would take v.good)

Recipe Tips

If its too spicy it means it requires salt to be addded or we need to add tamarind little more.


It is one of the (rolu pachadi) which u call dinchik dinchik( v.lovely) that is made in villages in A.P I have been born & brought up in Hyd. I have learnt this receipe from my In-laws who stay in a village near Khammam dist. Now iam staying in St.Louis but stii we make it regularly, but in a mixy Jar. I hope u would like this receipe. Sanjay I want to know the process of cooking chicken biryani in the Oven process. (Oven which is fixed under stovetop in U.S rental apts) Iam mentioning soo specifically bcoz i know its an convectional oven but may be iam wrong(U can understand it right?)

Posted Feb 10, 2011

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