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Author shruti.deopurkar Yield No Value
Published Feb 19, 2009 Cooking Time 45 Minutes
Recipe Type Desserts/Sweets Preparation Time 15 Minutes
Ingredient Flour Standing Time 45 Minutes
Description: 'Chirote',a traditional maharashtrian dish made with maida&sooji&just likepuff pastry.

Recipe of chirote

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Water enough tomake sugar syrup
Sugar 1 1/4 Cup
Rice Flour 1/4
Ghee 3/4 Cup
Salt Pinch
Oil 2 Tablespoons
Sooji 3/4 Cup
Maida 1 Cup
Lime Juice few Drops
Ghee To Fry


In a bowl add maida,sooji, mix well,Addsalt &oil rub well.Add inough water to make doughjust like' parathas'. keep aside for 1/2 hour. In a bowl mix rice flour&ghee,beaten till creamy. sugar syrup- in a vessele addsugar&enough water to make 'chashni'(2 string) .when it done add lime juice,cardomam powder,safrron,mix well. now take your dough,divide into equall part. Roll thin chapaties(try to roll as thin as u can) take one chapati spread rice cream ,cover with another chapati.apply same processe &put third chapati on it. Again spread some rice cream.Now roll this layred chapati to make to make cylendrical roll. make some more rolls,now cut roll into small pieces&flaten them. heat ghee ,fry chirote mideum low flame,,sothat it fluff up ,till it get nice golden colour. Drop fried chirote in sugar syrup,coat it wil take 10-15 chirote on a strainer,so that all extra syrup willflow down.let them cool&dry,storein airtight coatainer. U can also make chirote with sugar syrup.
Posted Feb 19, 2009

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