Eggless Saffron and pistachio cake recipe,video recipe,how to make Eggless Saffron and pistachio cake recipe

Eggless Saffron and pistachio cake

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Main Ingredient Other Preparation Time 15 mins

A nice recipe for vegetarians. - Serves 4 - 5 people

Ingredients of Eggless Saffron and pistachio cake

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
salt  1/3 Teaspoons
baking powder ( leveled tsp)  2 Teaspoons
milk  0.75 Cup
green cardamom  6 Numbers
heavy cream  0.75 Cup
butter  0.5 Stricks
sugar ( can be adjusted to taste)  1 Cup
All purpose flour  1.5 Cup
chopped pistachios  0.5 Cup
chopped almonds  0.25 Cup
saffron  2 Pinch


dry ingredients: seive the flour, baking powder and salt together. add finely ground green cardamom seeds and give a gentle stir to mix them Wet ingredients: take 2 table spoon of milk and add the saffron - microwave for 20 seconds or till it slightly boils warm the butter to room temperature and blend together with heavy cream and sugar. Add milk if it appears too thick on blending. Add the saffron-milk mixture to the butter mixture above now slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients till all the lumps clean out. Keep adding milk, just little at a time till perfect consistency is achieved. Pour mixture in buttered baking pan preferably round spread chopped pistachios and almonds on the top so that it covers the entire mixture. give the nuts a slight pat, just enough to set them in the mixture but not sink in. bake at 325 F for 1 hr. cool before de-moulding.

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Eggless Saffron and pistachio cake

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