lucknow yakni pulao
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Published Nov 22, 2009 Cooking Time 45 Minutes
Recipe Type Rices Preparation Time 15 Minutes
Ingredient Rice Standing Time 45 Minutes
Description: avdhi biryani made with mutton or chicken layerd with rice

Recipe of lucknow yakni pulao

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Dalchini (cinimom) 1 Numbers
Bay Leaf 1 Numbers
Big Elichi (cardamom) 2 Numbers
Black Pepper 15 Numbers
Clove 4 Numbers
Javitri(mace) 4-5 Numbers
Elichi Green(cardamom) 12 Numbers
Ginger Paste 3 Tablespoons
Garlic Paste 3 Tablespoons
Onion Sliced 1 Numbers
Vegetable Oil 200 Grams
Basmati Rice 1000 Grams
Mutton 500 Grams
Salt to taste To Taste
Red Chillie Powder 1 Teaspoons
Curd 3 Tablespoons
Orange Colour 1/4 Teaspoons
Kewra Water 2 Tablespoons
Pure Ghee 2 Tablespoons


heat oil in a cooker or pot now add sliced onion,when the onion turns golden brown add the mutton and fry till the meat turns silghtly pink ,then addthe ginger garlic paste and the grinded small elichi,clove,javitri and pepper,also add salt and chillie powder stir for another minute and close the lid an wait for 2 wistle then on low flame let the mutton cook for 10 minutes and remove from fire .Let it cool when the pressure is realeased open the cooker and put it back on medium high fire and fry the mutton and at this time add the curd and fry till most of the water is dry now remove. Take a large pot fill it with water add bay leaf ,big cardamom and cinimon stickand salt now remember salt in the water will be much more than wath you normally eat ,this is so that the rice when boiled in the the water can absordb salt when the water starts boiling add the rice and let it boil till 3/4 done,now at this time strain all the rice and throw away the water and in the same pot put layers of steamed rice and mutton .the top most layer would be of rice now dissolve the orange food colour in kewra andsprinkle on the topthen put the desi ghee and cover the pot with a tight lid and put the pot on slow flame for 15 more minutes.
Posted Nov 22, 2009

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