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Author sudhasathiyan Servings 0 persons
Published August 06, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 5
Main Ingredient Flour Preparation Time 5 mins

It tastes awesome, and its not time consuming

Recipe of Masala Chapati

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Finely Cut Mint Leaves (Optional)  2 Tablespoons
Finely Cut Curry Leaves (Optional)  2 Tablespoons
Chilli Powder  1 Tablespoons
Butter  2 Tablespoons
Corriander Powder  1/4 Tablespoons
Garam Masala  1/4 Tablespoons
Cumin Seeds  1 Tablespoons
Wheat Flour  3 Cup
Salt (To taste)   To Taste
Finely Chopped Cabbage / Carrot   To Taste

Rub the oil to your palm such that the flour doesnt stick to ur hand. Take the wheat flour in a basin, and include one by one, the crunched cumin seeds, garam masala, corriander powder, chilli powder, salt to taste, finely chopped curry leaves, mint leaves, cabbage / carrot, and finaly butter. Mix it well wen its withouth water. Then add water and leave the batter for 20 - 30 minutes. The consitency should be as of acutaly chapathi batter. Then.. Take lot of flour (Maida + Wheat) to do the masala chappathi into round shape. And leave it both the sides for 1 minute in medium flame.. and add butter (not ghee) so it tastes extremely fresh Itz must... nowadays to add more of wheat flour and reduce the rice ie.., carbohydrate. So those who doesnt like the wheat flour taste.. can do masala chapathi without any oil or butter. that good for health Enjoy Masala Chapathi :)
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