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Author carfan3k Servings 0 persons
Published May 16, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 10
Main Ingredient Rice Preparation Time 30 mins

masala rice easy to make. (especially if person is student like myself)

Recipe of Masala Rice

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
turmuric, red chutney powder, salt, curry powder  1 Pinch
oil  2 Tablespoons
mustard seeds  1 Pinch
Rice  2 Cup
hot red pepper (or chili) paste  2 To Taste

1) boil rice and set aside 2) put some oil in pot -- on medium heat 3) put in mustard seeds -- wait for it to pop / crackle 4) put in rice that you have set aside --- after rice is in -- add little water so rice doesn#39;t stick to bottom surface while being cooked 5) put in turmaric powder, red chutney dry powder for spicy taste, and salt to taste -- also add some curry powder here (to taste) 6) add 2 spoons of red pepper (or chilli) paste -- this type of paste is usually served as with falafels or sandwiches...available in any supermarket -- paste has some vinegar in it. 7) mix all ingredients well
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