Musafar Chola (cho as in chole)
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Author jk.priyadarshini1984 Yield No Value
Published Apr 22, 2009 Cooking Time 60 Minutes
Recipe Type Desserts/Sweets Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Ingredient Rice Standing Time 60 Minutes
Description: This is a muslim sweet made popularly in Vaniyambadi,Tamil Nadu. My mil taught me this. Vaniyambadi is famous for biryani & this sweet.

Recipe of Musafar Chola (cho as in chole)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Ghee - For Frying The Dry Fruits 3 Tablespoons
Cashews, Raisens - 10 Numbers
Freshly Crushed Cardoman Pods 4 Piece
Condensed Milk 2 Tablespoons
Sugar 1 Cup
Khoya 100 Grams
Yellow Food Colour 1 Pinch
Milk - 2 % 4 1/2 Cup
Basmati Rice 1 Cup


Method for Making Khoya at home : I make it with Half n half milk - small pint is enough Method :

1 > Take a heavy bottomed pan and let it cook till it thickens. It takes around 35 mins. Keep stirring so that it doesn stick or oil over. > It thickens and finally forms a ball. Method :

2 > Take this same in a microwave safe bowl and cook it for 30 mins stiring continuously. So is messy affair.. so at the ending 5 mins, trying covering it lightly with something. Not fully but shumaa cove it so tht the microwave doesnt get to dirty with the milk. You may hear some weard sounds. Main Method : 1. I usually take a cooker since i dont have any other heavy bottomed vessel other than pan. 2. Add milk and let it come to a boil. Do not keep on high heat. Keep stiring.

3. Mean while clean and soak the rice for atleast 30 mins. I usually keep the milk and then soak the rice since it takes time for the milk to boil.

4. Once the milk is bubbling hot, add drained rice and mix well.

5. Wait untill the rice it cooked. Basically u want to over cook the rice but u should be able to see rice also.

6. At this stage, add khoya. If store bought, u can make it to small pieces then add to milk. If homemade , try to seperate it with hands. It might be a little sticky..

7. Add condensed milk and sugar and mix well. Check the taste and add condensed milk or sugar as needed.

8. Remove from flame,add yellow powder. Mix well

9. Fry dry fruits in ghee and add.

10. Let it come to room temp and then keep it in fridge.

11. Chill n have.

Recipe Tips

>Best had chilled. > We keep in fridge and have it for a week since we are only two and cant finish this large quantity in a day. > Add extra milk if u feel it is thickening while cooking rice
Posted Apr 22, 2009

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