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Published Aug 30, 2012 Cooking Time 25 Minutes
Recipe Type Desserts/Sweets Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Ingredient Coconut Standing Time 25 Minutes
Description: Coconut Burfi a succulent, chewy Indian sweet delicacy made with coconut cooked in milk and khoya and garnished with dry fruits.Nariyal Vadi or Coconut burfi is a succulent, chewy, mouth-watering Indian sweet delicacy made with fresh coconut cooked in milk and khoya combined together, garnished with dry fruits and flavoured with cardamom powder. Nariyal vadi or Nariyal burfi or Khobra pak are all different names of coconut burfi.


Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Grated Khoya (optional) 100 Grams
Sugar 200 Grams
Fresh Grated Coconut 200 Grams
Ghee/ Clarified Butter 1 Tablespoons
Cardamom Powder 1 Teaspoons
Dry Fruits, Crushed Or Thinly Sliced 1/4 Cup


  1. Heat a tablespoon full of ghee in a pan. Add fresh grated coconut and sugar.
  2.  Slowly cook this mixture in a very slow to medium flame till the sugar gets melted and the coconut is cooked and soft. After about 10 – 12 minutes of cooking when the mixture is slightly getting solidified or a lump, the mixture is ready. 
  3. Add khoya and mix well. Add cardamom powder, mix well and after 3 mins of cooking switch off the flame. Pour this mixture in a greased plate and spread evenly with the help of a spatula (as shown in the video). 
  4.  Sprinkle some crushed dry fruits (almonds and pistachios) over the mixture. Keep aside and allow cooling. Cut them into desired shapes (squares, diamond, rectangle etc).

Recipe Tips

Remove the brown outer peel of the coconut and grate.
Posted Aug 30, 2012

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Jan 19, 2014
I just made this, but I modified by adding dried cranberries, which make a great contrast to the sweetness of the dessert. Just waiting for it to cool. *nom*

vidula Nov 21, 2012
The way the chef explained was really good. Easy methodology and good quality video! Kudos to the chef !

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