parip pradhaman ( kerala payasam)
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Author kusumpuravan Yield No Value
Published Dec 28, 2007 Cooking Time 30 Minutes
Recipe Type Desserts/Sweets Preparation Time 45 Minutes
Ingredient Dall Standing Time 30 Minutes
Description: this is a very important desert for any main functions like marriage , engagements , poojas etc

Recipe of parip pradhaman ( kerala payasam)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Cardamon Pods 4 Numbers
Coconut ( Fresh Grated) 3 Cup
Jagary 1 Cup
Yellow Moong Dal 1 Cup
Ghee 5 Tablespoons
Nuts ( Cashewnut , Resins ) 1 Cup


hi sanjay i came across ur site while browsing to find a recipe for palak paneer . iam so happy to see videos of recipes . this makes it so easy to understand & cook . . thank u snjay for sharing ur recipes . i'll post few more recipes next time .can u plese post a video of making jalebies. my husband likes it a lot . iam posting a recipe of parip pradhaman . my mother taught me . fry moong dal adding 1tbsp ghee till its pink in colour and pressure cook with 3 cups of water ( around 3 whistle) . also fry the nuts & keep aside. i usually soak jagary in little water just to dissolve it & the strain it & keep aside just to remove the impurities . when the cooker is little cool remove the weight & then add this jagary into the cooked moong dal keep it to cool it . the hot moong dal dissolve the jagary even more . meanwhile grind the coconut adding 1 cup water . i add cardamons at this point that is while grinding coconut so that the flavour of cardamon is transferred to the payasam & no bady gets to bite the outer skin ( my husband hates that) & drain it keeping the milk safe . lable it 1st milk . do not through the coconut residue . now again grind the coconut adding another cup of water .then again drain it keep aside this milk & lable it as 2nd milk . now again grind the coconut adding another cup of water drain it & keep aside labeling it 3rd milk . now mix the moong dal jagarry & 3rd milk & boil this mixture . keep stiring in between .. once this start to thicken put the heat to low & slowly add 2nd milk . keep stiring & boil it . boil for about 5 min. now again make the heat low & add 1st milk . just boil it .do not boil for long after adding the 1st milk add the fryed nuts . remove it from the flame . u can also add fryed cut pieces of kopra (dry coconut ) . enjoy the payasam
Posted Dec 28, 2007

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