Rava paniyaram
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Author janet.chls Yield No Value
Published Jun 23, 2009 Cooking Time 5 Minutes
Recipe Type Appetizers Preparation Time 30 Minutes
Ingredient Other Standing Time 5 Minutes

Recipe of Rava paniyaram

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Sugar 50 To Taste
Ripe Bananas 4 Numbers
Water 100 ml
Roasted Rava 200 Grams
Cardamon Powder 3 Numbers
Salt 1 Pinch


First soak the roasted rava in water for about 30 min before the preparation.Make sure that the water level should touch the top level of rava.Add a pinch a salt to this.Keep it aside. Now blend the ripe bananas and sugar in a mixy.You can add sugar on to your taste.Bananas that we have added gives then a very good taste. Now after the 30 min, mix the soaked rava with the banana blend and then add cardamon powder to it.Mix it well. Now take the non stick rava pan, heat it for a while and then add to the holes the batter that we have prepared.Leave it like that till brown colour appears on the sides.then turn t upside down and leave it again for 2 min.So that it will be well cooked.
Posted Jun 23, 2009

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