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Author Vahchef Servings 0 persons
Published April 15, 2009 Cooking Time (mins) 20
Main Ingredient Mix Vegetable Preparation Time 45 mins

A sizzling appetizer made with fresh veggies that would leave the people licking their fingers!!!!!!!!

Recipe of Vegetable Sizzler

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
sugar  1 Teaspoons
vinegar  1 Tablespoons
dark soy sauce  2 Tablespoons
tomato sauce  2 Tablespoons
worcestershire sauce  2 Tablespoons
tobassco sauce  11/2 Tablespoons
ginger(grated)  1
potatoes(thin and fried)  3
onions(finely cut and fried till golden brown)  1 Big
green chillies(slit)  2-3
beans(diced and boiled)  1 Bunch
cabbage(diced and boiled)  1
green peas(diced and boiled)  1 Cup
carrots(diced and boiled)  1 Big
potatoes(boiled and grated)  4-6 Large
salt   To Taste
black pepper  1 Teaspoons
red chilli powder  1 Teaspoons
cauliflower(cut into florets and boiled)   Bunch
sesame seeds  2 Tablespoons
garlic(slit)  4-5 Clove
butter   To Fry
cornflour(to coat the cutlets and thicken the gravy)  

1)Boil and grate the potatoes.Add green chillies,red chilli powder,onion,pepper, ginger(chopped)salt and mix well.Make cutlets as big as ur palm and coat it with cornflour. 2)Cover the cutlets and keep it in the freezer for sometime. 3)Deep fry the cutlets. 4)In the same oil fry the finger potato chips. 5)To prepare the sauce heat a little butter in a pan then add a little sesame seeds to it.add the garlic cloves then add a little pepper, salt and sugar.Add soya sauce,tobassco sauce,tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce and a little vinegar.Add a little water and bring to boil then add a little cornflour to thicken the sauce. 5)Rub a little butter on both the sides of the sizzler tray and heat it till it glows red hot,then place the cabbage leaves on top of the plate arrange the cutlets,and the boiled vegetables and the fries. 6)wet the wooden plank of the sizzler tray. 7)Carefully place the sizzler tray on the wet wooden plank. 8)Then pour the sauce over it and serve it hot.
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