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Chicken Avakaya With Raw Grated Mango (without Lime Juice)

chicken avakaya with raw grated mango (without lime juice)

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Chicken Avakaya With Raw Grated Mango (without Lime Juice) Recipe, How To Make Chicken Avakaya With Raw Grated Mango (without Lime Juice) Recipe

Traditional avakaya style preparation with chicken and Raw mangoes. Tasty, Hot and spicy. Goes well with boiled plain Rice( in curd rice also, as a condiment. but some people don't mix non veg with curd rice). Stays good and tasty for more than a week without refrigeration.

A lot Godavari Dist people loves non veg pickles. They prepare chicken avakaya with lemon juice generally. It tastes good, however, due to the watery consistency of lemon juice, it contains a lot of gravy. We tend to run out of chicken pieces very soon and the empty gravy remain very often. The quantity of Rice we eat has been on decline coz of beaty and health reasons. So, I tried making this pickle with raw mangoes instead of lemon juice to improve the texture and consistency. It is also tasting delicious, definitely worth trying.

About Recipe

How to make chicken avakaya with raw grated mango (without lime juice)

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Prep time
30 mins
Cook time
120 mins
Total time
150 mins
chicken avakaya with raw grated mango (without lime juice)
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Chicken
Servings : 0 persons
Published date : November 06, 2016

Ingredients used in chicken avakaya with raw grated mango (without lime juice)
• Chicken - 1 killo grams.
• Raw mangoes - 6 numbers.
• Mustard seeds - 100 grams.
• Dried red chilly powder(kaaram) - 150 grams to.
• Oil - 500 grams.
• Salt - 100 gram to.
• Turmeric powder - 10 grams pinch.
• Garlic - 4 clove.
• Ginger - 1 piece.
• Hinge - 5 grams pinch.
• Garam masala - 1 tablespoons.
1. Clean the Chicken, rub Some Salt and Turmeric powder on it, keep it aside. 2. Wash the Raw Mangoes, wipe them dry. 3. Grate the Raw Mangoes and put them under the sun for a while( 2 hours enough) 4. Powder the Mustard Seeds, pour it in a wide plate and keep it aside.( Be careful not to get in touch with water) 5.Chop the ginger and garlic separately, very finely 6. Heat the oil, and, deep fry the Chicken until it turns golden brown and smells roasted. Once it is done, take it out from oil. 7. Fry the chopped Ginger, half the amount of chopped garlic in the same oil until the raw flavors are gone, then add Hinge, Grated mangoes also to the ginger and garlic and turn off the flame. 8. Add Dried Red Chilly Powder, Mustard powder, Garam Masala Power, Salt (quantities should be reconsidered according to tastes and preferences ) to the oil and mango mix 9. Add the fried Chicken pieces also to the mix, and mix it well.

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