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Flax Seed Green Moong Laddu

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Flax Seed Green Moong Laddu Recipe, Mung dal Pakoda , How To Make Flax Seed Green Moong Laddu Recipe

The flax seed ladoo recipe is a super healthy, high in protein and energy. Flax seeds and green moong dal makes a perfect combination of nutrition.

Flax Seed & Moong dal Ladoo Recipe is a high protein recipe for sweetened balls that can be packed for the kids snack boxes or even had as a quick bite on the go when they are having a sugar craving or feeling low on energy. Read More..

About Recipe

Pesalu pakodi, Moong dal , Mug dal samuka


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Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
10 mins
Total time
15 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : green moong dal
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : February 13, 2019

• Moong dal - ½ cup.
• Flax seeds - ½ cup.
• Cardamom powder - 1/4 tea spoon.
• Jaggery - 1 cup.
• Ghee - ½ cup.
  • Heat pan and dry roast moong dal for about 3 minutes until it is slightly colour.
  • Then add flax seeds to it and roast it. Later switch off the flame, allow the mixture to cool and transfer into a blender.
  • Add cardamom powder, jaggery to the same pan and blend it to a coarse powder.
  • Check taste and transfer into a plate, add hot ghee and make round laddu.

Now Flax Seeds and green MoongLaddu is ready to serve.

Cooking with images Mug dal Mung dal bhajjiya , Moong dal , Hesare kalu bajji



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Purna Cuddapa Posted on Sun Oct 11 2015

Please do not use " dear friends " every minute. Lot of people were criticizing about this. Please try to avoid saying this dear friends often . we like your recipes,thank you. Be as simple as your husband?

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swetha nagini Posted on Mon Oct 12 2015

i don understand wats wrong in the word "dear friends".actually we can connect to the chef more with tht.?

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Swarupa Atmakuri Posted on Tue Oct 13 2015

I tried this laddu its very tasty Thanks for sharing this recipe?

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PARIVARTAN PUNE Posted on Thu Oct 15 2015

really delicious recipe.... thx for this.. but i am confuse about flax seed..& linseed.. what is the diff between this two seeds. because of they look same. so plz tell mi the name of those seeds in marathi and hindi..?

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Martina Gomes Posted on Tue Nov 24 2015

i made it and its very delicious......thank you mam..... but one question can i add besan and broken wheat with it instead of moong??? pls reply....?

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Malathi Guruprasad Posted on Thu Feb 11 2016

I tried this twice time madam with jaggary.really it came fine.very delicious and easy to prepare. every one in my family liked this. thanks for sharing.?

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Malathi Guruprasad Posted on Thu Feb 11 2016

ragini mam shall we use milk powder or milk maid before making balls?

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Malathi Guruprasad Posted on Fri Feb 12 2016

thank u very much for your reply mam?

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Arif Thameem Posted on Thu Feb 18 2016

how can we store them and for how long...?

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Senthil Kumar Posted on Tue Mar 29 2016

Awesome! Thanks for flaxseed laddu posting.can we do alternate to ghee??

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salma salma Posted on Tue May 10 2016

i like it?

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pinkish pink Posted on Tue May 10 2016

Just saw this recipe and tried it ????????????????awesome?

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