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Khao Tom Mad

Khao Tom Mad is a popular native Thai dessert traditionally made with a mixture of sticky rice with coconut cream and sugar. Khao Tom Pad is also commonly known as Khao Tom Pad (Filled glutinous rice). Khao Tom Mad is a popular Thai street food made of sweet sticky rice cakes filled with banana, black beans and then steamed in banana leaf parcels. This steamed sticky rice pouches with filling is easy to prepare and this dessert is sold all bundled up in a steamed banana leaf which is ingeniously tied with "string" made of shaved bamboo. Hiding inside is some delicious Thai sweet sticky rice with a filling that includes of banana, black bean or tarot. There are over 20 different types of bananas in Thailand with the smaller, sweeter red bananas used in recipes such as this one. Khao Tom Mad is available in street markets all over Thailand. It is eaten both as a sweet snack and as meal in itself. The parcels are often given to monks as food offerings at the beginning of Buddhist lent (Khao Phansa). This marks the start of the three-month monsoon season; a time when the monks retreat to monasteries and concentrate on Buddhist teachings. This dish is traditionally prepared during the Tuk Bath Tae Wo and Aok Pan Sa festivals when this delicious Thai dessert are offered to the monks and distributed among the relatives and friends. This dessert is also served before dinner time or provided as food that is easy to carry during long journeys. Traditionally the Khao Tom Mad is cooked by soaking the long grain glutinous rice in water for three hours and the thick coconut cream, salt and sugar are mixed together thoroughly till the sugar is dissolved and then the rice is mixed into this mixture and cooked for low heat until the rice is cooked and the water is completely evaporated. Next on a banana leaf, some rice mixture is placed topped with some black eye peas and ripe banana and then some rice mixture. This is wrapped and tied into two packages together and finally steamed for 2 hours. This dessert is fantastic and popular vegetarian dish too. It is very popular in the whole of Thai city and village and although it’s a dessert recipe, this could also be served as a main course. The black beans are optional. To prepare this traditional Thai dessert, firstly wash and soak the glutinous rice in water overnight and then drain the water well. If you wish to include the black beans, soak them overnight and boil until soft. Combine coconut cream, sugar and salt in a separate bowl and stir until ingredients absorbed. Put all the drained rice in a nonstick pan on low heat and very slowly add the coconut cream mixture stirring continuously with a wooden spoon. Keep stirring over simmering heat until the rice is tender and all of the coconut milk is absorbed. This may take up to one hour, hence one need to be patient and make sure the coconut milk is absorbed well. Allow cooling this mixture. Put a small amount of rice mixture on a banana leaf and mix with black beans. Place a banana on top, cover with more rice and beans, fold up the leaf and tie securely. Repeat until all bananas are used up. Steam for 15 minutes, cool, unwrap and serve. Tip: If you do not get banana leaf then you can steam them in aluminum foil sheets, but this would not give the natural taste of the banana leaf. It is truly a wonderful Thai dessert. Do try this recipe and enjoy the authentic Thai flavors. Click on the below link for detailed recipe: Note: Steaming the cooked rice doesn't make it soggy. Instead it binds the rice together and makes it almost smooth. The steaming softens the banana, infusing the rice with its sweet scent. Thai desserts are simple to prepare and makes a delicious dish. They are usually cooked in coconut milk or cream. Few of the popular Thailand’s most delicious and famous dessert recipes are Bua Loi (Thai rice balls in coconut milk. This is a unique dessert served warm, very aromatic and easy to make), Khao Neeo Dahm (Black sticky rice, black sesame seeds, sugar cooked in coconut milk with a fragrance of fresh mint leaves), Khao Neeo Tua Dam (Black beans, sticky rice, sugar cooked in coconut milk),  Khao Niow Mamuang (mango sticky rice, covered in coconut cream) and Khanom krok (sweet coconut rice dumplings)

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