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Vanilla Milkshake is cool, refreshing and an excellent summer drink which is made with just milk, vanilla and vanilla ice cream. This drink is exceptionally soothing and its smooth, creamy and foamy having a fantastic texture.

Vanilla milkshake is simple and easy to prepare. If you do not have vanilla you just simply blend vanilla ice cream with whole milk and create this simple yet delicious vanilla milkshake. Using less milk is an easy way to create a thicker and richer milkshake where you would mostly be eating liquefied ice cream. Milkshake can be made of any flavor of your choice, for example, chocolate flavored, strawberry etc.

A milkshake is a sweet cold beverage which is generally made from milk, ice cream or iced milk and flavoring or sweeteners such as fruit syrup or chocolate sauce. Most fast food outlets do not make shakes by hand with ice cream. Instead, they make shakes in automatic milkshake machines which freeze and serve a pre-made milkshake mixture consisting of milk, a sweetened flavoring agent, and a thickening agent.

Some fast-food restaurants prepare milkshakes by just blending soft-serve ice cream (or ice milk) with sweetened, flavored syrups such as chocolate syrup and fruit-flavored syrup and milk. Milkshakes have been enjoyed by adults and children ever since the advent of the blender in the early 1900s. Since that time, ice cream lovers have attempted a wide variety of vanilla milkshake recipes, seeking to find the perfect beverage.

Today, there are a variety of milkshake recipes which offer quite a bit of creative variation. There are also hand-blended milkshakes that can be made from any flavor of ice cream, and additional flavorings, such as chocolate syrup and malt, can be added prior to mixing. This allows a greater variety than is available in machine-made shakes.

For preparing this simple, luscious and mouth watering Vanilla milkshake, combine all the three ingredients (milk, vanilla and softened vanilla ice cream) together and mix until foamy. Spoon this mixture into glasses and serve chilled. If you like chocolate or strawberry shake, just use your favorite flavor of ice cream and keep everything else the same.

Simply add a good squirt of chocolate sauce for a hint of chocolaty goodness in your vanilla milkshake. If you are a fruit lover then just add some strawberries, bananas, or other fruits are another delicious way to mix it up, if you have a fruity crowd. Make them for yourself, kids and friends or your loved ones for a chilly treat that no one will turn down.

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Pure vanilla, with its wonderful aromatic flavor, is the most widely used flavoring in pastries, confections, and other desserts. When you use the whole vanilla bean the complexity of flavors and aromas of the bean are released.  In custards, milk, creams, syrups, and other liquids they impart a wonderful flavor and their small dark seeds add dimension to your dessert.

Milkshakes are delicious that can be served as dessert or a welcome drink loaded with nutrient-rich fruits and enjoyed in place of a meal. Nutritional values of milkshakes vary, depending on the ingredients you use and making milkshakes at home allows you to make healthier versions by using fresh fruits, low-fat dairy products and fruit juices.

Several decades ago, milkshakes were made without ice cream and this practice is still continued in some Commonwealth nations and New England region of the United States. Milkshake like recipes which use yogurt, crushed ice, and fresh fruit and which are made without ice cream are usually called smoothies. When malted milk is added, a milkshake is called a malted milkshake, or simply malt. They are also called thick milkshakes in the United Kingdom.

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