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Mushroom Fritters


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Mushroom Fritters Recipe, Tila chhatto, How To Make Mushroom Fritters Recipe

Lovely healthy mushroom fritters with a Dijon mustard batter. These are delicious when served with corn relish and a green salad.

About Recipe

Kukka godugu, Kalaan,

How to make Mushroom Fritters

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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
20 mins
Total time
30 mins
Mushroom Fritters
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Mushroom
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : January 30, 2019

Ingredients used in Mushroom Fritters
• Dry parsley - 1 tablespoons.
• Spring onions (chopped) - 2 tablespoons.
• Pepper powder - 1 teaspoons.
• Salt - to taste.
• All purpose flour - 30 grams.
• Oil - 3 tablespoons.
• Mushroom (chopped) - 1 cup.
• Milk - as required.
• Egg (beaten) - 1 number.
  • Take bowl add all purpose flour, salt, pepper powder, spring onions, dry parsley, mix it and make to thick batter by adding milk, then add beaten egg, mix them well.
  • Heat olive oil in a pan, add chopped mushrooms, sprinkle salt, fry them till soft.
  • Then add the fried mushrooms into the batter.
  • Heat oil in the same pan, pour the batter into fritters cook them till golden colour.
    Serve this hot with favorite sauce.

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Recent comments

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Mik X Posted on Fri May 17 2013

what kind of sauce is best for eating these fritters :) what kind do you use

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profile image

Swapna Rameshl Posted on Fri May 17 2013

sanjay can u show mushroom pulav or biryani

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profile image

kokoro nagomu Posted on Fri May 17 2013

this looks wonderful but i'm allergic to eggs and lactose. i am going to use a nut milk like almond or coconut or hazelnut and ground flax or ground chia seeds as an egg replacer.

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profile image

Rexasaur Posted on Fri May 17 2013

I bet hemp milk would be delicious! Almond, coconut or hazelnut all seem like their flavor might be overpowering. To each their own though :)

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profile image

kokoro nagomu Posted on Fri May 17 2013

great suggestion! thanks =)

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profile image

heavynneo1 Posted on Fri May 17 2013

Chef.. Are you ever going to run out of recipes...?

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profile image

hokagelord92 Posted on Fri May 17 2013

no one will coz every sec 3200 new recipies are made...:)...

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profile image

SouthernSky Posted on Fri May 17 2013

gonna try them on saturday:)

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profile image

Erica M Tilley Posted on Sat May 18 2013

I am so hungry now. I want these for breakfast. Haha! Thank you for the recipe. :)

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profile image

esara21 Posted on Sat May 18 2013

Why u dot show us the inside of the frita when u bite in it so we have an idea of the consistancy please do next time por favor

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profile image

Marta 81 Posted on Sun May 19 2013

Please, put the ingredients here for people who know a litte of english. Some time i dont understand it. Thanks

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profile image

Nuzycom Posted on Tue May 21 2013

Do I need to fry the prawns mince to add into this batter?

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